What Judges Have to Say

Globee Awards | What Judges Have to Say…

Lina Jakučionienė, Communication/ Marketing professional, CEO, Lecturer and Researcher Vilnius University – European Innovation Projects | Vilnius, Lithuania

There is a great honor to serve as a judge for the CEO World Awards and Golden Bridge Awards. I am glad that my professional experience and knowledge in communication, marketing, business and academia have been useful. I found it remarkably interesting to observe how communication creates value for organizations, what solutions are applied in a pandemic situation to meet challenges, what is the role of the CEO in mobilizing staff and creating innovative solutions and benefits for all stakeholders while maintaining business success and generating excellent financial results. I am pleased to have found many submissions that have truly clear prospects for the future. They are gratifying because organizations are already effectively preparing for potential crises and have appropriate solutions to overcome them.

I wish all the participants of the CEO World Awards the best of luck and my sincere congratulations!

Sri Raghu Kishore Pusapati, Security Architect | Bristow Group | Richmond, Texas, United States

The opportunity to judge entries submitted in various categories gave us a unique opportunity to witness tremendous progress happening in the fields of Cyber security , IT Support, Customer services and many other areas of technology. Judging these submissions utilizing all my personal experience and expertise is very fulfilling . With gratitude, I would like to thank the Globee Awards committee for allowing us a sneak peak of future vision of these innovators.

Prashant Tyagi, Technical Project Manager (Cloud Enthusiast), IEEE Member, SAFe SM, SAFe Agilist, PSM-1 | Intraedge Inc. | Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

My name is Prashant Tyagi and I am a Technical Project Manager at Intraedge Inc. Serving as a judge for the Globee – Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards is a wonderful opportunity to see how first-hand technical solutions are solving the challenges, problems and vulnerabilities in the realm of cybersecurity, while also empowering you to leverage your own professional knowledge, experience and expertise in this field to influence the future of these solutions!

Haitham Ahmed, CEO | Life and Success Magazine | London, United Kingdom

I am so happy to Join Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards as Judge. My congratulation to all winners in 2021.

Ankur Tiwari

Thanks for inviting me to participate as a judge for the 9th Annual 2021 CEO World Awards. I had a great time reading the essays and getting to know so much of contribution the CEO community has done in 2020-2021. I look forward to be a part of Globee Awards again the future.

Ambika Hanchate

My name is Ambika Hanchate from Karnataka ,India. Being the executive director of JMF front line I am glad to be a part of the judging of the disruptor award. From the past of many years I contributed my work time to effectively assigning for the different categories nominees for their achievements as I have seen in pre covid and during covid how these organizations and companies driving the situations by took the innovative methods ,what kind of steps are using to be sustain in the global marketing line etc I have learned from these entrant profile ,even many things are their to teach us that how to overcome the issues in any kinds situation will be come in future ,never give up! Anyway I really happy to be part here being judge I gave my scores well as per the entrants efforts .Anyhow overall to look of every entrants are amaze .I just convey my many wishes & congratulate everyone.

Pranav Bhanushali, Primary care Clinician Physical Therapist | Sutter Health | Novato, California, United States

My name is Pranav Bhanushali. I am Physical Therapist Primary Care Clinician working for Sutter Health . I feel honored to serve as judge in Globee awards. Thanks to the Globee awards for giving me this wonderful oppurtunity. I am very much impressed by the nominations submitted and there achievements and service during pandemic. I congratulate to all the winners and wish them good luck for future projects.

Parameswara Rao Kandregula,IT Consultant – Architect – Manager | Cognizant Technology Solutions | Houston, Texas, United States

It has been great experience knowing about all the awesome products, people and services. It gives great 360 view of the IT landscape and how latest technologies are being used to solve all types of real world problems. It also provides insights into the IT areas where the innovation is pushing boundaries and competition is increasing. Each application is a success story and an inspiration to do something bigger in life. Congratulations to all the winners!

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