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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Surendra Reddy Challapalli

“As a judge for Globee’s Information Technology & related awards, I’ve had the honor of reviewing and scoring nominations from around the world. It was truly rewarding to witness the innovation and excellence demonstrated by talented individuals and organizations across the globe.”

Vice President | CITI Bank | Tampa, Florida, United States

Surendra Reddy Challapalli is a seasoned technology professional, Banking & Financial Markets Subject Matter Expert (SME), and a thought leader with a proven track record of developing cutting-edge B2B FinTech applications to promote financial markets’ efficiency and transparency. With over 16 years of professional experience, Surendra has collaborated with multinational financial institutions worldwide, providing him with a comprehensive global perspective and unparalleled insight into the intricate inner workings of the FinTech industry. In addition to his role as Vice President, where he delivers multimillion-dollar engagements at a leading financial institution in North America, he is highly regarded as a mentor, author, speaker, and jury panel member for industry awards.

Insights from Globee Awards Judges: An Interview with Surendra Reddy Challapalli

What do you enjoy most about your profession?

Being able to contribute to the advancement of financial markets and the overall betterment of the financial ecosystem gives me immense satisfaction. I find fulfillment in knowing that the work I do has a meaningful impact on businesses, individuals, and the broader financial landscape.  My passion for technology and its potential to drive positive social economic changes in financial sector continues to drive and inspire me in my role.

How do you bridge the gap between technology and business area you are in?

As a professional with expertise in both Technology and Finance, I stay up-to-date with the latest innovations and trends in both fields. My CFA charter complements financial domain expertise, enabling me to bridge the gap between technology and finance seamlessly.

What drives you to pursue achievements?

To me, achievements are a testament to the positive impact and value I can bring to individuals and organizations FinTech ecosystem. I find great satisfaction in creating measurable outcomes and contributing to meaningful progress.

What work philosophy do you adhere to?

I firmly believe in focusing my efforts on what I can control, proactively seeking opportunities for growth and learning, and lending a helping hand to lead & mentor others along the way.

Reflecting on your journey, what attributes have propelled you forward?

Throughout my journey, perseverance and going the extra mile have been my guiding principles, helping me overcome challenges and embrace opportunities.

How do you stay motivated and remain committed to your goals?

I draw my motivation from aligning my actions with long-term goals, following my personal north star. It drives me to build sophisticated financial market systems and make meaningful contributions to the FinTech world.