About The Globee® Awards

What are the Globee® Awards?

The Globee® Awards are the world’s premier business awards consisting of nine award programs.

Globee Awards are conferred in nine programs and competitions: the American Best in Business Awards, Business Excellence Awards, Cybersecurity World Awards®, Disruptor Company Awards, Golden Bridge Awards®, Information Technology World Awards®, Leadership Awards, Sales, Marketing, & Customer Success Awards, and the Women World Awards®. Learn more about the Globee Awards at https://globeeawards.com

Globee is a registered service mark.

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The Globee® Trophy, Plaque, Medallion, and Certificate

The top scoring qualifying nomination in each category receives a Gold Globee award. Those with average score of at least 8 out of a possible 10 are Silver Globee winners.  All others become Bronze Globee winners.

The Globee trophy, plaque, and medallion, and certificate are designed in U.S.A. and shipped worldwide.

What is an “Achievement”?

The word “achievement” refers to a goal or objective that has been successfully attained or completed. An achievement can refer to a significant event, accomplishment, or the completion of a task, project, or goal. It can also refer to a personal milestone or an accomplishment that has been recognized and rewarded by others.

Achievements can be big or small and can vary greatly depending on the individual and the context. For example, a CEO who leads a successful company may consider the growth and success of the business to be a major achievement.

In general, achievements are seen as evidence of one’s abilities, hard work, and perseverance, and can be a source of pride and satisfaction. They can also serve as motivation and inspiration for future endeavors, and are often used as a measure of success and progress.

How to win a Globee?

To win a Globee Award, you need to demonstrate excellence and innovation in your respective category. Here are some steps that may increase your chances of winning:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the categories and criteria: Review the categories and criteria for the awards, and make sure your company, product, individual or group achievements align with the objectives of the awards.
  2. Highlight your achievements: Clearly and effectively communicate the impact and results of your achievements, demonstrating how they meet or exceed the criteria for the awards.
  3. Gather supportive evidence: Provide supporting evidence to back up your claims, such as customer testimonials, statistics, case studies, and media coverage.
  4. Make a strong application: Present a well-structured and professional application that effectively showcases your achievements and demonstrates how you meet the criteria for the award.
  5. Seek recommendations: Seek recommendations from industry experts, customers, partners, and other stakeholders to further strengthen your application.

Remember, the Globee Awards are highly competitive and there is no guarantee of winning. However, following these steps and presenting a strong application can increase your chances of being recognized for your achievements.

Who can apply?

The Globee Awards are open to organizations of all sizes, across all industries and sectors, including but not limited to, startups, small and medium businesses, and large corporations. This includes businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and more. The awards are designed to recognize and celebrate organizations that have made significant contributions in their respective fields, such as business innovation, customer satisfaction, and excellence in leadership.

Whether an organization is a well-established industry leader or a rapidly growing startup, it is eligible to participate in the Globee Awards. The only requirement is that the organization must demonstrate excellence in one of the categories that the awards program covers.

Organizations can nominate themselves or be nominated by customers, partners, industry analysts, or other stakeholders. The awards program is designed to provide recognition and validation for organizations that have made a positive impact in their respective industries and communities.

Why is there a fee?

There is usually a fee for business awards programs because they are run by organizations that need to generate revenue to cover the costs of running the program. These costs can include administrative expenses, marketing and advertising, event planning and production, and more.

In many cases, organizations view the cost of participating in a business awards program as a worthwhile investment in their brand and reputation. By winning an award, organizations can demonstrate their excellence to their customers, partners, and the wider business community, which can help to increase their visibility and credibility.

The cost of participating in a business awards program is therefore seen by many organizations as a cost of doing business, and as a way to invest in their long-term success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many different business award programs are there?

There are 9 business awards competitions:

Are the Globee Awards legitimate?

The Globee Awards are a set of nine business awards competitions staged annually. They were created in 2003 to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business executives and professionals worldwide.

How To Win Business Awards?

The first step would be to submit nominations. Read more about selecting one or more categories in how to win business awards.

How are Globee Awards winners decided?

The Globee Awards nominations are reviewed by industry peers and experts. The judges average score decides the winner in each category.

What is the nomination and entry submission process?

You can read more about the nomination and entry submission process.

What is the judging and awards process?

You can read more about the Judging and Awards Process.

What are the important upcoming submission deadlines?

When are Early-bird entry deadlines?

There are 4 deadlines and the fees increase after each deadline: Early-bird (first deadline), Regular (second deadline), Late (third deadline), and Last deadline (fourth and final).

When is the judging?

When will winners be publicly announced?

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About Globee Awards

The Globee® Awards are the world’s premier business awards.