About The Globee® Awards

The SVUS® Awards has rebranded as The Globee® Awards

What are the Globee Awards?

The Globee® Awards are the world’s premier business awards consisting of eleven award programs.

Globee Awards are conferred in eleven programs and competition: the CEO World Awards®, the Consumer World Awards®, The Customer Sales & Service World Awards®, the Globee® International Best in Business Awards, the Golden Bridge Awards®, the Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards® and Security World Awards, the IT World Awards®, One Planet® American Best in Business Awards, the Globee® Employer Excellence Awards®, the Globee® Corporate Communications & Marketing World Awards, and the Women World Awards®. Honoring organizations of all types and sizes and the people behind their success, the Globee Awards recognize outstanding achievements and performances in businesses worldwide.

Are the Globee Awards legitimate?

The Globee Awards are a set of eleven business awards competitions staged annually. They were created in 2003 to recognize accomplishments and contributions of companies and business people worldwide.

How are Globee Awards winners decided?

The Globee Awards nominations are reviewed by industry peers and experts. The judges average score decides the winner in each category.

CEO World Awards

Consumer World Awards

Customer Sales & Service World Awards

Globee Awards

Golden Bridge Awards

Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards

Network PG’s IT World Awards

One Planet Award

Pillar World Award

PR World Award

Women World Award