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Thursday, November 16, 2023

About Business Awards

14th Annual 2024 Globee® Business Awards

We are thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Globee® Business Awards, an international celebration of excellence across industries! This prestigious program recognizes and honors organizations and individuals from around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in the world of business. With its inclusive nature, the Globee® Awards welcome participation from companies and organizations worldwide, offering a unique opportunity to showcase accomplishments on a global scale. As we embark on this remarkable journey, we eagerly anticipate discovering and acknowledging the trailblazers and visionaries who shape the international business landscape with their extraordinary contributions.

About Globee® Awards for Business

Why participate in the Globee Awards for Business

The Globee® Awards for Business are widely regarded as one of the most coveted honors in the global business community. This premier international awards program recognizes and celebrates exceptional achievements across a diverse range of categories, spanning customer service, innovation, marketing, leadership, and more. Open to organizations of all sizes and from all corners of the world, the Globee® Awards provide a platform for companies and individuals to showcase their excellence and gain international recognition. Through a rigorous judging process involving industry experts and thought leaders from various countries, the Globee® Awards spotlight extraordinary accomplishments that transcend borders, inspire progress, and set new standards of excellence on a global scale.

Participating in the Globee® Awards for Business offers unparalleled benefits and opportunities for organizations and individuals across the globe. By engaging in this esteemed international awards program, you gain significant recognition and credibility within the global business landscape, elevating your brand to new heights. The Globee® Awards serve as a powerful platform to showcase your innovative products, exceptional services, and groundbreaking initiatives to an international audience. Moreover, participating in this program provides valuable networking opportunities, enabling you to connect with like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential collaborators from different countries and cultures. By taking part in the Globee® Awards, you position yourself at the forefront of international business excellence, strengthening your global presence, and propelling your organization towards continued success and growth.

Join us on this incredible international journey as we recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of businesses worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your accomplishments, gain unparalleled global recognition, and foster connections across borders. Participate in the 13th Annual 2023 Globee® Awards for Business and let your outstanding contributions shine on the international stage of excellence.


International – Companies and Organizations from all over the world can apply.

You may select a Region or a Country for which the nominated “Achievement” or “Product/Service” is being submitted. If not applicable then choose “No Region/Country Applicable”. 

  • Africa
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • U.S.A.
  • Worldwide
  • Specific Country
  • No Region/Country Applicable

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All entry submissions must be completed exclusively through our online platform. While supporting material is not mandatory, we highly recommend including it. Supporting material can be provided as website links or attachments during the submission process. No physical supporting material is required; we accept only digital submissions.

Please register using your business/work email address.

Awards Timeline

There are four deadlines for submission, each with its corresponding fee structure: Early-bird (first deadline), Regular (second deadline), Late (third deadline), and Last deadline (fourth and final). Please note that fees increase progressively with each subsequent deadline.

Submit an application to be the Judge

Are you passionate about evaluating nominations from successful companies? Join our esteemed panel of judges to review and score entries online. You’ll have the flexibility to assess and rate as many nominations as you prefer at your convenience.

To get started, please create your account using your work/business email address. Once your application is approved, you may request to change your email address to a personal one. Please note that using multiple email addresses will result in delays in your acceptance process.

Please register using your business/work email address.

Review The Entry Kit

The Entry Kit contains category details and fees.