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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Nomination and Entry Submission Process

Introduction to the Nomination and Entry Submission Process

Globee Awards are conferred in nine programs: 

Everything You Want To Know On How To Submit Your Entries

Eligibility Criteria for Participation

Categories and Descriptions

Upcoming Awards Deadlines

Step-by-Step Guide to Submitting Your Entry

How to Start and Complete your nomination

STEP 1: First Create a New Account. The person who creates a new account will be the “Primary Contact”.

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  • Make sure that the Awards for which you will submit nominations is correct. Here in this example it’s the Golden Bridge Awards.
  • The “Primary Contact” could be one person from your organization or agency who will coordinate all nomination submissions.
  • Primary Contact will also be the person who will receive all updates and access to purchasing merchandise for winners such as trophies, plaques, medallions, etc.

STEP 2: If you have already created an account then simply Login to Start-Complete an entry

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STEP 3: Click on “Begin A New Submission” at the top of the page.

  • Complete the Contact Information which is the same as “Primary Contact”.
  • Next complete the Entry Information. This is where you can choose a category and complete all it’s content.
  • Remember you can Save and Return anytime.

STEP 4: Save your entry content by clicking on Save button at the bottom of the page. And “Add to Cart” to complete the payment and submit.

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STEP 4: If you need help you can always email us or use the LiveChat if it’s active.

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Tips for Crafting a Compelling Entry

How to submit winning entries | Award Programs

Select a category
Choosing one or more categories is the most important part of the submission process. Sometimes more than one category may be suitable in which case it’s best to choose all the categories for which the submission is suitable.

Entry Title (this could be same as one most important achievement that is being nominated)
The Entry Title could be same as “One Most important Achievement”, or “Milestone”, or “Product-Service”.

One Most Important Achievement/Milestone/Product-Service (in 10 words or less)
This is very important. The achievement should be more descriptive. Do not write about another award you won some where else as an achievement to win this award.

Who is being recognized for this nomination? Choose here one of these: “An individual” or “A group of people” and list all the names. If no person/people being recognized then select “No one in particular”.
If you want one or more person recognized for the achievement/ milestone/ product-service then write their full names here.

Nominated Company-Organization
This is the business name of your organization.

City, State/Province, and Country where this company-organization is based
Type here clearly the details. Example: San Francisco, California, USA

An essay of 650 words
The essay should not be a copy and paste from your business website or corporate collateral. It should be specific to the achievement, milestone, or product-service you are nominating.

Summarize in not more than 3 bulleted points why this nomination deserves recognition.
Here briefly list the points why your entry should be recognized.

Nominated Company-Organization’s Website URL
This is simple. Your business website URL is important as it gives the judges some information to read about your organization.

Optional but highly recommended. Maximum of 10 website URLs and 10 attachments can be added as supporting content and material.
It’s best to give URLs and news items and attachments that support the achievement, milestone, or product-service you are nominating.

Disqualification of Entry

Please note that the Globee Awards strictly prohibits the submission of any application or nomination that contains false, misleading, derogatory, racial, discriminating, or any other inappropriate content. We take these matters very seriously. If any entry or nomination is found to violate these guidelines, it will be disqualified immediately, even if the winners list has already been published. Furthermore, no further communications regarding the disqualified entry will be entertained. We maintain a commitment to upholding the integrity and fairness of our awards program, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these standards.

Post Submission

Update Primary Contact for Submissions | for Merchandise | for Event Tickets

Update Primary Contact for Submissions | for Merchandise | for Event Tickets

If you want to make any changes to primary contacts, please make them here.

Next steps now that you have successfully submitted entries

1) Upload nominated company’s logo

Please upload a high resolution copy of nominated company’s logo using the following link: 

Do not upload logo if:

  • If you have already uploaded this nominated company’s logo in the past 12 months
  • If you have already recently uploaded this nominated company’s logo for a different Globee Awards program

2) Subscribe to stay posted

If you or anyone else would like to stay posted on the award results and other information, please subscribe to the Globee Awards newsletter at:

3) Submit entries in these Globee Awards too

Participate in these awards too: 


Benefits and Potential Costs for Winners

Upon winning a Globee Award, the following benefits and potential costs may apply:

Included with the initial submission fee:

  1. Exclusive official winner’s badge
  2. Full access to winners’ circle resources
  3. Publication of the Winning Organization Quote
  4. Feature of Achievers’ Profile on the Globee Awards website
  5. Showcasing of written and video interviews with the winners on the Globee Awards website

Please be aware that specific instructions must be followed, as outlined in the Winner’s Circle page, to avail any of the aforementioned benefits.Additional services are also available at extra costs (optional):

Additional Services available at extra cost (optional):

  1. Personalized badges and eCertificates
  2. One Trophy, Plaque, Medallion, or Printed Certificate per winning category as per eligibility, available at a reduced price from the original (engraving and actual shipping costs to be paid by winners)
  3. Tailored Video Shorts (59 seconds or less)
  4. Optional purchase of dinner tickets for live or virtual awards ceremonies

Please review the details and instructions on the Winner’s Circle page to fully capitalize on the offerings and services available to Globee Award winners.

How Winners are selected based on Judge’s Scores

Entries that achieve an average score of at least 7.00 out of 10, regardless of category, will automatically qualify for Gold, Silver, or Bronze Globee Award status.

The entry with the highest average score in each category will receive a Gold Globee Award, while entries with a final average score of at least 8.00 will be designated as Silver Globee winners. Bronze Globee winners will have a score of 7.00 or higher.

However not all highest average score in each category will receive a Gold Globee Award if the Globee Awards staff decides based on judges scores, inputs, or content submission.

Winners may promote their status, and Silver and Bronze winners have the option to purchase trophies. Entries are subject to auditing, and any false or misleading information will lead to disqualification. All Globee-winning entries will be published on The Globee Awards website.

Learn more how Judge’s score here.

How Winners Can View Judges Scores and Comments

How Winners Can View Judges Scores and Comments

If your organization is a winner the Primary Contact can login and view the judges scores and comments.

STEP 1: Login with the email used by the Primary contact

STEP 2: The applicant can click Complete on the left side navigation and will be able to see all the entries that have been judged.

STEP 3: The applicant can next click View Scores on their submission.

STEP 4: Click on the “Evaluation…” bar to view the average score of all the judges who scored this entry.

STEP 4: To read each judge’s comments, click on the “See Judges Scores” and you will be able to see all the comments given by the judges for this entry.

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Recommend New Category

Recommend New Category

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Apply?

  • Brand Exposure –  Submitting nominations is a cost-effective way to thank and honor your valued employees and to build your brand.
  • Recognition – Gain local, national, international exposure.
  • Credibility – Your nominations will be read by world’s top business leaders and industry experts during the judging process. You’ll have access to all of their comments about your entries and your business.
  • Trophies, Medallions, and Plaques – The Globee Awards trophies, medallions, and plaques are word class made in the USA and will amaze your executives, employees, partners, colleagues, staff, and clients.
  • Access to Marketing Tools – As a winner you will have access to Press Templates, Awards logos, Interview opportunities, and option to attend the Red Carpet Awards ceremonies or Virtual Award ceremonies where winners from your organizations will be the stars.

Is there a fee to apply?
Yes. There is a nonrefundable processing fee for all applicants. Identifying the winners is an enormous editorial project. The processing fee covers only a portion of the operational costs of this undertaking. The application fee varies for each awards program and discounts are given for early submissions.

Why is there a fee?
There is usually a fee for business awards programs because they are run by organizations that need to generate revenue to cover the costs of running the program. These costs can include administrative expenses, marketing and advertising, event planning and production, and more.

In many cases, organizations view the cost of participating in a business awards program as a worthwhile investment in their brand and reputation. By winning an award, organizations can demonstrate their excellence to their customers, partners, and the wider business community, which can help to increase their visibility and credibility.

The cost of participating in a business awards program is therefore seen by many organizations as a cost of doing business, and as a way to invest in their long-term success.

What if my entry does not win?
If your submitted entry does not receive a high-enough average score from the judges to be recognized as a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Globee winner, then you may rework and submit your unrecognized nomination(s) to another awards program with Globee Awards. We will waive the entry fees if you’d like to rework and submit your entry(s) to another awards program with Globee Awards. Please rework your entry(s) based on the judges’ comments on them.  If you’d like us to provide feedback on your reworked entry(s) before submission, email it/them to us and we’ll give you our opinion of them.  If you submit your reworked entry(s) to the another awards program with Globee Awards and notify us via email of your submission then we’ll waive the fee.

Final Decision
In the event of any dispute, the decision made by the Globee Awards staff shall be final and binding. Should a dispute arise regarding the category in which an entry will be judged, the final decision will rest with the Globee Awards staff. Judges may suggest re-categorizing an entry, and the Globee Awards staff may exercise discretion in changing an entry’s category.

Please note that any physical materials submitted offline as part of your entries will not be returned.

Are my contact details shared with anyone?
Your contact details are kept safe and not rented or sold. Even the judges do not have access to your contact details.

Is my submitted content shared publicly?
We do not share your submitted content publicly except with identified and approved judges who have a private secured login to read, review, and score your content. If your nomination is a winner after the judging process then we will publish only the content as explained in the next question below.

If I am announced as a winner which part of my submitted content will be published?
Only your winning details will be published on the winners page. Here are two actual examples:

Innovator of the Year | 11 – 2,499 Employees
NewAge, Inc. | Denver, CO USA | Brent’s innovative approach to business is imagination at work. | Brent Willis |

Network Security Solution Innovation
iboss | Boston, MA USA | iboss Cloud 10 | |

So the details which will usually be published are:
– Company
– City/State/Country
– Achievement/Product Model & version, etc.
– Name of person or people being recognized

What are the next steps after submitting an entry?
After you have successfully submitted your application/ nomination/ entry and received a confirmation email, complete the following next steps.

Who is a Primary Contact?
The Primary Contact is one person from your organization or your agency that manages everything from creating an account to submitting all the entry content. This is the person our editors will contact if any more information is required or for any clarifications. This is also the person who will be first communicated about the winners. Update your organization’s contacts here.

Who is a Secondary Contact?
The Secondary Contact is the back up contact to the Primary Contact. In most cases Secondary Contact is contacted only if Primary Contact has not responded.

Who is a Merchandise Contact?
The Primary Contact could be the Merchandise Contact too. The Merchandise Contact has access to ordering complimentary and paid trophies, plaques, medallions, certificates, and all other merchandise items for winners.

Who is an Events Ticket Contact?
The Primary Contact could be the Events Ticket Contact too. The Events Ticket Contact usually purchases the tickets to attend the Red Carpet Awards Ceremony or the Virtual Awards Ceremony.

How do I recommend a new category?
You can recommend a new category anytime. We accept requests and suggestions for new categories but each new category has to be accepted by the editorial team before it is fully accepted and included in any of the awards program.