Why Awards Are Important

  1. Entering the Globee Awards is a cost-effective way to build your brand by recognizing and keeping your executives, employees, clients, and business partners motivated. 

  2. The entry process itself is valuable. In preparing your nominations you’ll research and write compendious and compelling essays of achievement within your organization that you can use in other ways too.

  3. From small startups to world’s largest companies, every organization has just as much chance to win as any other organization. Every year, well established brands together celebrate their wins with startups, small and medium-size organizations that are still building their brands.

  4. If you’re a public relations, marketing, or advertising agency, your work will be reviewed and honored by potential clients.

  5. Many of the world’s top business leaders will review your nominations during the judging process. This is an excellent exposure for your organization and work.

  6. Recognitions are possible in one or several areas. Each section contains categories and most organizations are eligible to participate in more than one category. 

  7. As a Globee Awards winner you will get complimentary access to tools and resources to promote your recognitions including winner logos, press release templates, 1:1 industry written interviews, and social media visibility opportunities. 

  8. We’ll promote your win across our web site, media, and global readership base. 

  9. The Globee Awards trophy is one of the world’s most impressive trophies which will amaze your executives, employees, clients, and business partners. The trophies, plaques, and medallions have been designed and assembled in Silicon Valley, United States. 

  10. There are more than 11 different awards programs. You and your organization may be eligible to participate in several or all of the awards programs.