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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Content Upload Guidelines

These simple guidelines will help you to send us your content in the correct format so that it can be used for the Virtual Awards Ceremony.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Strictly no copyrighted content in your video(s) and photo(s) such as video clips or images that have been purchased, rented or copyrighted.
  • Strictly no music in your submitted videos.

Correct way to hold your smartphone for video recording or photos

Most photos and videos that you will send us can be taken/recorded with a good smartphone. A simple background is better.

Upload a high-resolution copy of attending organization’s logo that we may use in the presentations (png, jpeg, eps format preferred). Example:

Step 2 | Script for Company-Organization Short Video (50 words)

In 50 words or less describe the winning organization. This script will be used by us to make a short video for the company-organization. Each participating organization will be announced by our emcee. We’ll then show this short video. Tip: it’s best to describe briefly what the organization does.

Step 3 |Upload Company-Organization Acceptance Speech (30-60 seconds recording)

Upload Company-Organization Acceptance Speech video clip of up to 30 to 60 seconds recorded by you. (mp4 format preferred)

This is an example of the 30 seconds acceptance speech.

Step 4 | Upload your Original Photos for Red Carpet (we will edit and include the back ground)

Send us your original photos and our media team would edit and add the awards backgrounds. You can send us maximum of 10 photos.

Step 5 | Interview: Tell us about your company and products-services | Upload a 2 minute Video

Your organization’s executive can talk about the company, the products and services. This interview can be 2-5 minutes long. Here’s an excellent example:

The Virtual Ceremony will be similar to the 2020 Ceremony shown below