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Who are the Globee Awards Judges and how are they selected?

The Globee Awards judges are individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to evaluate and score the entries submitted for the awards. They come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, and they are not compensated financially for their work. The judges are committed to ensuring fairness and impartiality in the awards process and have a deep knowledge and understanding of the criteria used to evaluate the submissions.

The Globee Awards judges are a panel of industry experts, executives, and professionals from diverse fields who have a wealth of experience and knowledge in their respective areas. They are selected based on their industry expertise, leadership skills, and ability to evaluate the quality of the nominated entries. The judges are responsible for reviewing and scoring the entries based on predefined criteria to select the most deserving winners. They bring objectivity and fairness to the awards process, ensuring that the best entries win.

How will a Judge get access?

Most categories are judged online. The scoring process will take you a few minutes to as much time as you can volunteer to read and score in our online judging system, anytime day or night. You may start or stop the process anytime. 

As a judge, it will be an opportunity for you to learn how other individuals, teams, and organizations are performing, confronting challenges, and achieving success in the industry.

You’ll also receive an eCertificate of appreciation suitable for sharing online, and on social media, and be acknowledged with your biography on the Globee Awards website. 

Your contact details will be safe and not shared with anyone. 

What benefits does a judge receive?

What benefits does a judge receive?

A participating judge receives the following:

  • An eCertificate emailed after scoring at least 50 assignments.
  • A printed certificate mailed after the judging period is over
  • A public profile published on Globee Awards website acknowledging the judge’s industry expertise and participation.
  • Inclusion in the Judge’s Club and based on involvement being invited to attend or participate in the award ceremonies. 

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All the Awards Programs for which you can sign up as a Judge

All the Awards Programs for which you can sign up as a Judge

These are the 9 award programs for which you can participate as a judge. You will receive a separate certificate for each awards program.

You may submit your application immediately but approvals and access will be given as and when the judging period commences. Submitting application earlier will ensure your application is processed first.

Please note: You have to complete a separate application for each awards program for each new year which you want to be a judge. You will receive a separate certificate for each awards program for which you will be accepted as a judge.

Please keep the same email login for all the award programs so that you can see every thing with one login.

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Judging Timeline

There are 9 different awards and judging for each happens during the periods listed below. If you have applied to participate as one of the judges then you will receive judge’s confirmation only when the judging period has commenced. You may apply to participate as a judge in any number of awards listed below. Judge’s will receive a separate certificate for each awards program.

Judging Periods

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Judge’s Approvals

  • Once you have applied to participate as a judge, your application is reviewed by the Globee team. If you are approved to participate as a judge, you will receive an approval letter only when the judging period has commenced. For each awards there may be a different judging period.
  • Reasons for delays in approval: (1) You did not use a business email. Email domains such as @gmail, @yahoo, @aol, etc. take much longer to get approved, (2) You did not provide the requested links and proof of your employment/ business, (3) You did not provide a professional photo that can be used to create your profile.

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How to signup as a Judge and Industry Expert for one or several awards

How to signup as a Judge and Industry Expert for one or several awards

STEP 1: Click on the “Judges” menu for each awards program for which you want to signup as a Judge and Industry Expert

STEP 2: Look for Apply to be a Judge

Click on APPLY AS A JUDGE HERE NOW and complete your judges profile page on the judging portal. You can use the same user ID and password for all your judging applications. If you are also submitting nominations then your user ID and password can be same every where.

You have to submit a separate application for each awards program for which you want to apply to be a Judge.

You will receive a separate eCertificate for each awards program for which you help as a judge. So go ahead and signup as a judge in as many award programs as you want. Note that eCertificates are given only after you have completed your assignments. So after signing up and getting approved you must read and score assignments to be eligible to receive any eCertificates or any other benefits for judges.

That’s it. We will evaluate your Judge’s application and provide you access if you have been selected.

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How To Score Assignments

How To Score Assignments

Scoring Process

Each entry will be carefully reviewed and assigned a score by each judge on a scale of 1 to 10, according to the following criteria:

Excellent (Score: 10)
Very Good (Score: 9)
Good (Score: 8)
Above average (Score: 7)
Average (Score: 6)
Ordinary (Score: 5)
Below average (Score: 4)
Poor (Score: 3)
Poorest (Score: 2)
Avoid (Score: 1)

How Scores Decide Winners

The scores provided by all judges are compiled and an average score is calculated for each application. Based on these average scores there are 3 types of winners:


  • Gold winners usually have average score of 9 to 10 (or the highest average score in each category)
  • Silver winners usually have average score of 8 to 8.99
  • Bronze winners usually have average score of 7 to 7.99


  • Non-winners typically receive an average score ranging from 0 to 6.99. Such a score indicates that the assignment has subpar content and is generally unsatisfactory. It is highly unlikely for an assignment with such a score to achieve even a Bronze award or make it to the winners’ list. It is crucial to exercise caution and make certain before assigning a score below 7.

Scoring Considerations

Take into account the following factors when assigning a score:

  • Achievement: Has the nominee clearly outlined a significant accomplishment? Typically, nominees are asked to focus on one main achievement per assignment.
  • Supporting Essay/Video: Has the nominee provided a detailed explanation of the aforementioned achievement through a written essay or video?
  • Supporting Material: Has the nominee included sufficient supporting content to substantiate their claims?
  • Startups categories: Has the startup provided evidence of its founding year? Additionally, has the startup clearly described one major achievement relevant to the assignment?

Before recusing an assignment consider the following:

  • Scoring assignments without specific industry expertise: For categories that are more general or don’t require specific industry knowledge, judges must rely on the submitted content to make an informed assessment. In such cases, the quality and relevance of supporting materials become even more crucial.

Recusing from an assignment:

  • Recusing as a Judge: If you feel unqualified to score an assignment due to a potential conflict of interest or lack of impartiality, you may choose to recuse yourself. Please provide a reason for recusing from each assignment to ensure transparency.

Judge’s Comments Guidelines

  • Judge’s Comments: It would be helpful for the nominees if you can provide a few words about each entry. Your comments provide valuable feedback for the entrants, helping them understand their performance better. Please focus on constructive feedback that highlights strengths and areas for improvement. Remember, entrants can only see the comments, not the judges who made them.
  • Personalized Comments: Please create your own comments and avoid duplicating comments. Share your genuine thoughts and impressions of the entry, highlighting specific aspects that stood out to you.
  • Quality of Application: Assess the quality of the application, including the writing style, supporting links, and documents provided. Positive comments can acknowledge well-written and detailed applications, while negative comments should be constructive and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • Anonymity of Judges: Judges must provide their comments anonymously, ensuring that the nominee cannot identify which judge made a particular comment. Maintain a professional and respectful tone in your comments.

Examples of comments (do not copy, make your own original comments)

  • I enjoyed reading this application. Very well written and contains good number of supporting links and documents.
  • This is a well written application and deserves to win. I liked the product details which were well explained. This product has a good potential to be successful.
  • This application has a very well written achievement and supporting material. Deserves to win.

Anonymity of Judges

As a judge, it is important to maintain anonymity while providing your inputs. Your scores and comments are given anonymously, ensuring that the nominees cannot directly identify which judge provided a specific score or comment. This anonymity encourages openness and fairness in the judging process.

While providing comments, please remember to remain polite, respectful, and constructive. Your comments should focus on the strengths and areas for improvement of the entry, without revealing your identity as a judge. By upholding the principle of anonymity, we ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation of the entries.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to maintaining the integrity of the judging process.

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How to Login As a Judge

How to Login As a Judge

STEP 1: Login to your account to access the Judging Panel

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Login-CreateAccount-1024x458.png

STEP 2: Select and click on Continue into Judge Portal

STEP 3: You will see # Pending, # Judges, and Action. Click “Open” under Action


STEP 5: First read the entire application on the left for each nomination

  • See all the URLs and attachments submitted
  • Score each nomination from a scale of 1 to 10
  • Give Judge’s comments such as whether you found the nomination good or what you may have liked/disliked about it. Please be polite with comments.

STEP 6: You can “Cancel and Go Back”, Save and Back to List”, or “Save and Go to Next”

Remember: You can stop your scoring anytime and return back again by selecting VIEW APPLICATION

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can apply to be a judge?
Any business owner or employed professional in any industry and from anywhere in the world can apply to be a judge. Simply complete the “Apply to be a Judge” for the awards program you want to volunteer and participate as a judge. 

Who is selected as a judge?
From the hundreds of applications we receive for each program, we select only those who are industry experts to help with the judging process based on each person’s industry experience and qualifications. We value each experts inputs and industry experience in the judging process. Every year hundreds of judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participate and their average scores determine the Globee Awards winners. 

Can a person submit nominations and also participate as a judge?
Yes. However in a judge’s role you cannot score your own nominations. You may however score all other nominations. 

What is the Judging process?
Judging of entries is conducted in two phases: main (also know as preliminary) and final. 

How are judge’s assigned categories to score?
Categories are assigned to juries by Globee® Awards staff based on each judge’s industry, function and work experience.

Can a judge refuse to complete any particular assignment?
Yes. A judge has total control on which assignment they want to score. A judge can recuse because of a potential conflict of interest or lack of impartiality.

How do I get a judge’s eCertificate?
If you have scored certain number of assignments then you may be eligible to receive an eCertificate immediately. Request an eCertificate.

How do I update my Job Title, Company, City/Country and Biography + Photo?
Simply submit the new details anytime. Update your profile.

I really enjoyed the judging experience. How can I provide a written testimonial?
It’s simple. You can provide us your written quote and photo at Judge’s Photo+Written-Quote Uploads. You don’t need to provide a photo if you have already submitted a photo before.

As a Judge how can I submit a Video Clip that may be used by Globee Awards?
We encourage Judges to submit a Video Clip which we can use on our website or Virtual Video Ceremonies. Submit here.

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What’s next after submitting an application to participate as a judge?

I submitted my application to participate as a judge. What’s next? How long should I wait for approval?

Question: I recently submitted an application to participate as a judge. What’s next?
If you recently applied to participate as a judge then you must have received an email that says: “An administrator is currently reviewing your Judging request. You should receive a confirmation email soon…”

There are 9 different awards programs. Each has it’s own judging period. Here are all the timelines of current and upcoming judging periods. So you will receive an approval email only when the judging period has commenced.

Question: When will I receive a confirmation that I have been accepted as a judge? How long should I wait for approval?
Answer: Each awards program has it’s own specific judging period which may last from 1 to 3 months. You will receive an approval email with judges access only after the judging period for the awards program you have applied for has commenced. Here are all the timelines of current and upcoming judging periods.

Question: When will my profile be published on the Globee Awards? When will I receive my eCertificate?
Answer: After you have completed at least 50 assignments, you may complete a request for eCertificate and profile to be published.

Question: Can I submit applications for other Globee awards programs and will I get an eCertificate for each awards program for which I participate as a judge?
Answer: Of course you can apply for other Globee awards program to participate as a judge. Please note that you will have to submit a separate application for participating as a judge for each awards program. And you will receive a separate eCertificate for each awards program for which you have successfully participated as a judge.

Question: What are some of the common reasons why I have still not received a judge’s approval?
Answer: Some of the common reasons why you have still not received a judge’s approval are:

  • The judging period has not commenced yet.
  • You did not use a business email. Generic email domains such as @gmail.com, @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com, etc. take longer to get approved.
  • We have not been able to verify the information you have submitted in your application to be accurate.
  • You have submitted duplicate applications for same awards by using 2 or more different emails.

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Judge’s eCertificates | Update Biography | Judges Video Clip and/or Photo+Written-Quote Uploads

Judge’s eCertificates | Update Biography | Judges Video Clip and/or Photo+Written-Quote Uploads

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Reasons for Disqualifying or Permanently Banning Judges from Participation

Why some participating judges can be banned even after completing some or all assignments

  • If a judge had submitted false background information.
  • If a judge has exhibited rude and unprofessional behavior through emails, communications, scoring, comments, etc.
  • If a participating judge downloads any part of the assignment content partially or wholly or starts documenting it.
  • If a participating judge shares any of the assignment content with nominees or externally with anyone.

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Resources for Judges

After successfully completing required number of assignments, participating judge’s may be eligible for the following resources:

  • You may request an eCertificate and promote it on social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, etc.
  • You may request a reference letter for immigration/green-card purpose. Please note that a letter from Globee Awards is simply a reference letter but actual approval decision is made by the Government authority.

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Judges are from companies of every size and from all over the world

More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in Globee® Awards judging each year

More than 1,000 professionals worldwide participate in Globee® Awards judging each year. Some of the current and past organizations from which industry experts have volunteered as judges include: Lincode Labs Inc., Hospitality Marketing Concepts, eXp Realty, CaprusIT, GE, GVK Biosciences, MC Offshore Petroleum, LLC, PCS LOGISTICS (PVT) LTD., TNW X, PasswordPing, Alliance Bernstein, NIO, Telemart, T Rowe Price, Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW), Simplify Workforce, Oracle Financials Solution Architect, Toronto Stock Exchange, COR Index inc, National bank of Kuwait, Young Arab Leaders, Commerzbank AG, Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, On Course Innovations, Inc, Dell Technologies Ltd., Concept Public Relations India Limited, Academy Of Resilience, Nationwide Insurance, Schneider Electric, Abu Dhabi Police, Barclays, GOBankingRates, TransMedia Grouo, Arab Science and Technology Foundation, Exterran corporation, Optimove, Makers Nutrition, Boeing Distribution Services Inc. parent company “The Boeing Company”, Walmart Labs, Samply, Krypt Inc., Vestwell, Heisenberg Media, MuteSix, HCL Technologies, Allthenticate, Avanan, Aircloak GmbH, Moody’s Investors Service (MIS), WICCI, TIPA CORP, GDIT, Zelis Healthcare, APS (Arizona Public Service), Symbio, Sahara Communications, Calumet Specialty Products Inc, Miami Dade College-Kendall Campus, Umang Doshi Consulting, Thomas Public Relations, Inc., Splunk, Kaseya, Karma Automotive, Natsoft Coporation, London Academy Of Online Education, Align Technologies, First Citizens Bank, Edelman, The Lake Companies, Inc., Gartner, Black Dog Venture Partners, Pelican Products, Inc., Intraedge Inc., Veritas Technologies, International Cruise & Excursions, Inc. (ICE), CapitalOne, Bank Bice, Figment Technology Pty Ltd, Clearswift LTD, Novancia Business School, ESIEE Paris, IRI Worldwide, World of Insights, ManagedMethods, Amdocs, Padilla, UnitedHealth Group, WellMed, PrescribeWellness, Candor, Global Results Communications, Skypher, Shorter College, AppViewX Inc, Axis Communications, EMX Digital, BADVOID, Cluttr Inc, Atar Labs A.S, Dovel Technologies, PURE Inurance, Shell Nigeria, Orum, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Ven Energry Processors Pvt Ltd, Emarsys, Halcyon Solutions, Eastern Light and Power Pvt Ltd., Infoyuga Technologies Inc, Wenlock Limited, INSANE Strategy and Communication, Cocoon Capital, GyanSys Inc, Principal Asset Management Thailand, Thomas UK Consulting Services, CodeCoda Ltd, Code Dx, Inc., Equifax, IAR Systems, Bechtel Corporation (Oil, Gas and Chemicals), Toastmasters International, World Education Community, Lonza, Refinitiv Ltd, Critical Mention Inc, Baird Advisors, VMware, Mindgrub, CloudQ, A1 Hrvatska, Talent Function Group LLC, Brand825, LLC, University of the Cumberlands, Ziraatbank, Harmonica, Bayer, Morris Cookies Science & Development OU, SaltDNA, Vakrangee Limited, BroadBit Batteries, HGS, Trendy Beat Network, Your Marketing Authority, The Mars Society, Illumio, Concentrix, Pharmavite LLC, Ama La Vida, SAS Institute Inc, Tasktop Technologies US Inc., 4Life Research, Austin Community College District, Yash Technologies, Dale Carnegie India, Stripe, MediaFirst PR, Wise Communications, LLC, Rheem Manufacturing, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, GLG Communications Inc., Singapore University of Social Sciences, DentalX, Vampr Inc., Temple University Health System, Tricentis, Virtusa Corporation, Toogle Travel Pvt Ltd, EyeMail Inc., Tullow Oil, Emerging Insider, Clean Energy Development Bank Ltd, Rochester Business Journal, Alignment Healthcare, Smithfield, ECOS India Mobility & Hospitality Pvt Ltd, ARPR, Mouser Electronics, Kuma LLC, Health Advocate, PureSec, Fueled, Schlumberger, Savannah Rae Beauty, Promaxo, Ysplit, Inspired eLearning, Credit One Bank, Turo Inc., Welltok, Conner Prairie, Sepio Systems, Cybeats, Sensative AB, SOStech, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Adfactors PR Pvt Ltd, Strikedeck, Hargol FoodTech Ltd, IDATE DigiWorld, DataLog Finance, CEDEX, New York Stock Exchange, Policybazaar, Digital therapeutics (DTx), YSplit, Erie Insurance, American Express, Awake Security, Carve Communications, Align Technology, PayPal, Avalance Global Solutions Private Limited, Rite Hite Corporation, Illusive Networks, Finn Partners, BMO, Vertex Analytics Inc, Clariti Group, Roche, USC Marshall School of Business, Wayfair, Sachs Media Group, Beach View, Las Americas Pharmacy, Dragon Innovation, Commvault Inc, Community Policing, FRUCT Oy, FOREO, Jordan Thomas Foundation, VINVELI Automated Systems P Ltd, F5 Networks, Happiest Minds Technologies, MotionsCloud, Netsach, Oracle America, Optcapital, LLC, Exusia, World Business Studios, Precise Systems, ENT Consultant Ltd, Dhara solutions GmbH, Teqtron Inc., i-Sprint Innovations Pte Ltd, KPMG, Ericsson, Panda Restaurant Group, Grambling State University, Itiviti, Hocking College, Grinta Marketing FKA Grinta Publishing, AICPA, Gruzdev-Analyze, Sutter Health, Kontoor Brands, VanMoof, Intraedge Inc, VirtualMedSchool, Amazon, TransUnion, Gilead Sciences Inc, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Haystack, fortyseven communications, Flashnode Ltd, Yokogawa, Clarity, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Quality Management Systems Corporation, SWOOP Analytics, Conscientia Group, Bulu Group, GEN-Y HITCH, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Noor Bank, Nokua Design Sdn. Bhd., MDK CORPORATION, Shell International Exploration & Production Inc, AppFusions, Nyotron, Tata Consultancy Services, QOS Networks, Codeeva, CitizenMe, The McRae Agency, Jryan Partners, VHR, AgriWebb, Bechtel, Mphasis Limited, Kuwait Drilling Fluids, Fidelity Investments, Peyk, We Are Xpert, CSAA Insurance Group, Phasex Corporation, GlobalLogic, University of Oregon, Edoki Academy, Applexus Technologies, Student Shelter In Computers, Honeycombers, Linedata, Lambs, Zoom Video Communications, Tangelo, HerdDogg Inc, Deloitte, Intel, EOG Resources Inc, TIPA Corp., HASA, Originscale.io, Capitol Concierge, Inc, WeWork, VIDEOAMP, Lowe’s companies inc, Wolters Kluwer’s Lien Solutions, Kuzey Academy, My Mini Casa, USANA Health Sciences, Transamerica, DreamHost, Cloud Analogy Softech Pvt Ltd, Panacea Infosec Pvt Ltd, NewAge, Inc., Modernizing Medicine, Heltti Inc., Thephotocloser.com, MUFG Union Bank, Shell Catalyst and Technology, The Apache Software Foundation, LinkedIn, DocLogix, Liven, Credit Karma, Cloud4Wi, Montessori St Nicholas, mYngle, Black Swan Data, LBR Communications Inc., TEX Technology Exchange, MyComputerCareer, IEEE, Sofitel New York, Prime Lands Group, Iridize, Securus Technologies, Inc., Konstruktor, Handy, Amiad Water Systems, Hindusthan Institute of Technology, Thirdeye Labs, Florida Crystals, Facebook Inc., Rose Garden Consulting, Equitable, Walker Sands Inc., BPRK LLC, CA Technologies, a Broadcom Company, Scio technologies inc, EZPack Water Ltd., Webscale, CSOFT Technologies, Ignilife, Trier Company, International Paper, TechnipFMC Inc., Addison James, Aladom, Alliant Insurance Services, UnaBiz Pte Ltd, Heroes Jobs Inc., Accenture, T-Mobile USA Inc, Adventure Bucket List, Crimson Interactive, Philip Morris International, Auburn University, Completely Yours Events LLC, Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University, Logicgate Technologies Inc, BNP Paribas, Ovamba Solutions, Inc., Clever Cloud, Neon Financial Inc., DataMile Solutions, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, CrosssLend, Tanaza, Citizen Relations, Opendoor, ClearMetal, Maxi-Cash Group Pte Ltd, Citibank, SAIC (Science Applications International Corp.), Nav, Imagine PR, Weber Shandwick, iMiller Public Relations, BBM, Robert Gordon University, Egyptian Projects Operation and Maintenance (EPROM), Life of Svea, Motive Interactive, Inc., Iris PR, Topvisible AB, Silver Peak, Quantam, Active International, Sapient Corporation, DEWA, Bulgarian Association of Bartenders, LaunchTech, AgreeYa Solutions, eSquared Communications, Meinders School of Business – Oklahoma City University, Lastline, Moova.io, Piggybank, Revolve Technologies Inc., Goldman Sachs, TNW, L.A. Turbine, Cisco Systems, Inc., LeagueSide, Inc., Matrix Public Relations, Sustainable Fish Farming Initiative (SFFI), UNICEF, Generation Unlimited, Transport for NSW, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Highwire Public Relations, Prepare 4 VC, LLC, Tower ML, Jay Johnson Communications LLC, Nannybag, BOCA Communications, Middlesex University Dubai, SNC Lavalin, GalaxE Solutions Inc., BDO USA LLP, Electronic Arts, WFS, Teleperformance Digital Integrated Business Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, BP, Publicity Genie, Oceaneering, Infopro Digital, The Egyptian International Foundation for Human Resources Development, ExpeditionPR, Microsoft, Stellar Public Relations, Inc., Shell Petroleum Development Company, CUJO AI, IBIS Power, BiggerPockets, Green Bay Packers, Bristol Myers Squibb, JVZoo, International Star Overseas Services, Alpha Clinical Systems Inc, Sapiens Decision, Press Kitchen LLC, Denny Cherry & Associates Consulting, Project Ronin, Ventura County Office of Education, Intuit, Wipro, Discover Financial Services, SunOpta, Street Global, District of Columbia Government, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Calypso AI, Sarcos Robotics, V Digital Services, Capco, Collins Aerospace, The Lilian Raji Agency, Republic Services Inc., Deloitte Consulting Llp, IBM, BoldCloud, Change VC, IGEL Technology, iPipeline, Access Israel Org, Mastercard, Alohub, Obie.ai, Thales, Propertymate Inc., it-harvest, Kikusema AB, Werkliv Group Inc., Scientific Games Corporation, Hulu, LLC, Magna International Inc., MarketsandMarkets™, Operr Technologies, Inc., Relativity Ventures, Fifth Avenue Brands, Chase, SpendMend, Andromeda Digital, USHEALTH Group, Inc., Looxid Labs, Avaya, Inc., Arizona State University, Capgemini America, Ecopaint Corporation, Mphasis Corporation, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, VIAVI Solutions, Holistal, Zscaler, Cognizant, University of Turku, infinite, Amity University, NatConnect Foundation, Cosmique Global Inc, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Canoo Inc, Netural GmbH, Paymotion, Injazat Data Systems, Oil and Gas, Nagarro, WebPT, EFG Companies, Uber Inc., SRL Publishing Ltd, Euro Freelancers, eBay Inc., Divido, Envera Health, Smith & Burgess, HomeZada, Infovista, Blaze PR, Silverfort, JEAN CHEREAU SAS, Apple Inc., Ernst and Young, Grey Group, VALUEWALK LLC, Westchester Medical Center, Community Finance, Pulse Secure, GuessBox, Salesforce, Sungard Availability Services, International Star Wealth Management, Westpac Banking Group, SoftClouds LLC, Karma Auto LLC, AllianceBernstein, The Leadership Agency, Cymulate, LTD., Coalfire, W2 Communications, Capital One, Interactive Brokers Group, A23 Advisors, VOLMAR CONSTRUCTION INC, Institute of Business Administration, Starbucks Coffee Company, Thacher Interactive, Issoft, Archer Daniels Midland Co, CannAcubed Pte Ltd, Tower Research Capital, VRC Metal Systems LLC, Auckland University of Technology, Zenconomy, OpenText, COGNITIVE TALENT PARTNERS LLP, Waymo, Voya Financial Inc, OptumRx, Freedom Electronics LLC, Lineate, JP Morgan Chase, ADP, Bold Penguin, Stamps.com, Flux7, Red Blue Blur Ideas (RBBi), Hawke Media, Berger Singerman LLP, Roku, A10 Networks Inc., TRANSIT ELECTRONICS LIMITED, Walmart, AppsCo Inc, Hypergiant, Torrey Hills Tech, LLC, twilio, Intersec, Dream On Me Inc., Crintell Technologies LLC, Visa Inc., Jacaruso Enterprises, Balbix Inc., Google, Tetra Pak, VMware, Inc., Les Goldberg Public Relations, Salt & Paper Consulting, PBS KSA, Techstar, Cox Automotive, IPSOS, Girls’ Empowerment and Orphan Care Organization, Forethought, LACROIX Group, NopSec, Atlassian, Utah Department of Transportation, Futurex, Amazon Web Services, SERIOUS FACTORY, and Bitfactor.

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Here are some recent Judges who are helping too…

Ankur Agarwal

Senior Engineering Manager, Perception, R&D | PlusAI Inc. | Santa Clara, California, United States As a Senior Engineering Manager at Plus (formerly PlusAI), I lead a team of Research Scientists and Software Engineers for a variety of Computer Vision and Deep Learning projects. We are a leader in the self-driving/autonomous trucking space. I was an…

Nitish Gaddam

“I, Nitish Gaddam, a Data Scientist at Stitchfix, served as a judge for the 10th Annual 2023 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards, 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, 3rd Annual 2023 Disruptor Awards, and 8th Annual 2023 American Best in Business Awards. I am grateful to Globee for this opportunity…

Sridhar Mannava

Software Engineer 3 (Manager) | Asurion | Nashville, Tennessee, United States Sridhar Mannava is a seasoned expert with a proven track record in the aviation, banking, and insurance sectors. He possesses extensive experience in implementing and strategizing Enterprise Performance Management Solutions, including Hyperion Essbase, Planning, PBCS, FDMEE, PCMCS, and OneStream XF. Sridhar is also well-versed…

Wajiha Tahar Ali

“Judging the disrupter awards was a rewarding experience. I benefitted from reviewing breakthrough advancements across business sectors.” Principal Consulting | Iqvia | New York City, New York, United States Wajiha is an exceptional data analytics in life sciences professional with over 14 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotech industries.. Wajiha has…

Arjun Sharma

“I am a supply chain Program Manager at Google. I have over 15 years of supply chain experience, spanning over prestigious organizations such as Indian Army, Apple, and Google. I judged the Disruptor Awards this year and found the experiencing thoroughly enriching. Thanks for the opportunity.” Global Program Manager | Google | San Francisco, California,…

Nagendra Bage Jayaraj

System Engineering Lead and Manager | Google LLC | Mountain View, California, United States ● Technical Leader with 15+ years of industry experience with a proven track recordin delivering high quality and high volume consumer products from conception toproduction.● Products shipped are used by billions of consumers everyday.● Billions of dollar revenue generated from the…

Neeharika Meka

Software Engineering Leader | Amazon Web Services | Dallas, Texas, United States Neeharika is a Software Development Manager at Amazon Web Services (AWS) with broad experience in building cloud-native products and platforms from the ground up and delivering highly reliable and scalable systems with a security-first mindset. Neeharika has 16+ years of global IT Industry…

Subroto Das

Member of the International Advisory Council | Global Capital Service Group, Ltd. | New York City, New York, United States Subroto Das has spent three decades working across financial and social sectors. During his distinguished career, he has demonstrated a talent for moving deftly across and between the private sector, civil society, government agencies and…

Sachin Parate

Principal Product Manager | Twilio Inc. | San Francisco, California, United States A Product leader with experience building strong teams and driving large-scale products that generate multi-billion dollars in revenue and currently leading the international expansion efforts of Twilio’s messaging products.

Karishma Velingkar

Director, Application Development | Lifion by ADP | Secaucus, New Jersey, United States I am a People Leader and enjoy building products. With over 20 years of experience in Software Development, I bring a unique mix of Application Design, People leadership, Talent Management, Product Insight, Business Analysis, Development, UX, Problem solving, Analytical & organizational aspects…


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