How To Win Business Awards

What do you and your organization want to be recognized for?

Well the most important question to ask first is “What do you and your organization want to be recognized for?” Here are some tips:

  • Make a list of all your achievements.

Here are tips to win business awards

We have compiled information on this page that will help you submit winning entries.

How to select the categories for awards submissions

There are many categories to choose from. So what is the best way to choose categories that will be most applicable to you and your organization?

Information to be submitted online for entries in this category:

  • Select a category:
  • Title:
  • One Most Important Achievement (in 10 words or less):
  • Company-Organization (being nominated):
  • City, State/Province, and Country where this Company is based:
  • A 650 words essay:
  • Summarize in a not more than 3 bulleted points why this nomination deserves recognition:
  • Optionally you may include up to 10 website URLs and/or 10 supporting file attachments:

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