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Monday, September 18, 2023


Siddharth Sharma | More importantly, achievements symbolize progress

10 min read

Vice President, HR Digital Solutions | JP Morgan Chase & Co | Jersey City, New…

Lisa-L-Baker | Achievement means when a client wins I win too

5 min read

Founder | Ascentim LLC | Towson, Maryland, United States Lisa L. Baker is a Speaker,…

Jani Byrne Saliga | Achievements are fleeting; hard work, dedication and passion are what’s essential

3 min read

Learning Officer | IBM | Austin, Texas, United States Starting with just an idea, I…

Belynda Lee | Achievements can be a rewarding experience of gratification

7 min read

COO | ASCIRA Global | Dubai, United Arab Emirates Belynda Lee, COO of ASCIRA, is…

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Gabriel Issao Tinen Saruhashi

2 min read

Co-CEO | Emerge Career | New Haven, Connecticut, United States Gabriel “Gabe” Saruhashi, an honoree…

Jhilam Biswas

1 min read

Customer Engineering Manager | Google | San Francisco, California, United States I am Jhilam Biswas,…

Shraddha Patil

1 min read

Director of Product | Palo Alto Networks | Santa Clara, California, United States Shraddha Patil,…

Devakinandan Panda

1 min read

Senior Backend Software Engineer | Roblox | Seattle, Washington, United States Devakinandan Panda is an…

Suryaprakash Reddy Voodem

1 min read

Senior Solution Architect | T-Mobile Inc. | Bothell, Washington, United States I am seasoned technology…

Deepika Shrikant Kale

2 min read

Serving as a judge for the esteemed Globee Awards is a profound privilege. This role…

Anil kumar Kandalam

1 min read

Senior Data Engineer | PSL Group America Ltd | South Plainfield, New Jersey, United States…

Puneet Gangrade

2 min read

Customer Success Engineer, Data Solutions | Habu | New York City, New York, United States…

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