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Monday, September 18, 2023

Business Awards | The glory of the Win

Susan Turkell – Business Awards | The glory of the Win

The glory of the win

Everyone loves to win. Whether you are a sports player and score the buzzer beater that earns your team that much-needed win, or a corporation getting recognized for its new products or business practices, the triumphant feel of winning is unparalleled.

For corporations, awards are third-party, objective endorsements of all the things being done right within the business. They are validation of success. They are proof of your people.

It’s not over once you get the trophy; in fact, it’s just the beginning.

Susan Turkell

What’s most important, in my opinion, is the way companies share their victories and use them to improve their image when they are on the receiving end of awards. Leveraging the victories is as vital to the process as is creating the right entries.

It’s not over once you get the trophy; in fact, it’s just the beginning.

It’s the start of shaping your company’s new image, and paving a new path to success. And ensuring the constituents in your world know all about it is paramount.

Awards serve as confirmation for customers, vendors, employees and stakeholders of all sorts. They see firsthand they are aligned with a winner. It solidifies their engagement with the company and validates their impressions.

It is imperative to appropriately share the winning news and use it to your company’s advantage whenever possible. You’ve earned the accolades; now, it’s time to be proud of you position.

Who and what?

Trying to figure out who and what to nominate can be a daunting task. It is best to take some time to evaluate all the company’ successes over the past year. Don’t overlook anyone or anything. There are many opportunities for choosing categories.

The key is identifying the best fit.

Susan Turkell

Take some time to consider your story. The beauty of these awards programs is that there are categories for acknowledging leadership, teams, sales goals, marketing efforts, collateral, products, people, out-of-the-box thinkers and doers and so much more.

The key is identifying the best fit.

Today’s SVUS programs have a wide array of category options and types, and it seems as though there truly is something for everyone. Furthermore, oftentimes, there are more than one applicable category for your entry in a given program. If you’ve got that submission ready, consider entering it across multiple categories for a better chance at the gold.

If you experience writer’s block as you attempt to to craft your narratives and document your own successes, or you just feel as though you don’t have the time or expertise to complete entries, you might consider turning to a professional. It’s true … there are experts at awards positioning so don’t hesitate to lean on them. Not only can they help pen your position, but they also can assist in determining those ideal applicable categories.

Don’t be shy about helping your organization get credit where credit is due. The awards business is rapidly growing, and an increasing number of entities are realizing the value in going home with the gold.

Lastly, remember, as you consider your company’s triumphs, there’s a category for that!

Susan Turkell

Susan Turkell, chief executive officer at PAIRELATIONS, LLC, has a proven track record that spans more than two decades for helping corporations earn recognition for the successes they are achieving throughout their organizations and across their operations. Over the years, through PAIRELATIONS’ awards division, she has helped clients win hundreds upon hundreds of awards across myriad programs. This includes assisting them in earning recognition across a host of categories, ranging from products and people to management and materials. To reach her use the contact form below or connect with her on LinkedIn.

Please note that Susan Turkell is an independent consultant and not an employee of the awards program organizers.

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