What Awards Winners Have to Say

Gopi Sirineni

What Awards Winners Have to Say President & CEO | Axiado Corporation | San Jose, California, United States “We are honored to be awarded as the “Hot Security Technology of the Year, AI in Security” in Cyber Security Global Excellence. We thank Globee Awards for recognizing the Axiado team and our TCUs powered by SecureAI™ […]

William Hutchison

What Awards Winners Have to Say CEO | SimSpace | Boston, Massachusetts, United States “We’re proud to be named Hot Security Technology of the Year by the Globee Awards. Cyber defenders don’t just need piecemeal applications and products to individual security gaps, they need to know that their products work in concert with one another […]

Alen Puzic

What Awards Winners Have to Say Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder | SpyCloud | Austin, Texas, United States “I am humbled to be recognized as the Chief Technology Officer of the Year in the Security Hybrid category. The work is challenging but rewarding and to lead a team of cyber and tech experts is a […]

Jack Koziol

What Awards Winners Have to Say CEO and Founder | Infosec | Madison, Wisconsin, United States “We’re motivated by empowering and educating all individuals with the cybersecurity resources and skills they need to succeed professionally and stay secure. These Globee Awards are validation of our team’s hard work and relentless drive to provide the best […]

Saryu Nayyar

What Awards Winners Have to Say CEO | Gurucul | El Segundo, California, United States “We at Gurucul are honored to accept this Gold Globee for the SIEM category. Gurucul has always taken a different approach to SIEM by ingesting data from any device, application, multi-cloud, etc. and applying real-time analytics for prioritization of investigations […]

Tae-joon Jung

What Awards Winners Have to Say Chief Executive Officer | Cloudbric Corporation | Seoul, South Korea “Cloudbric, the No.1 cloud-based website security provider in the APAC region, has been awarded in the “Web Application Security and Firewalls” & “Most Innovative Security Service of the Year” categories and received ‘Gold’ and ‘Silver’ awards respectively, achieving a […]

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