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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Siddharth Sharma | More importantly, achievements symbolize progress

Vice President, HR Digital Solutions | JP Morgan Chase & Co | Jersey City, New Jersey, United States

Siddharth Sharma is an accomplished expert with over a decade of experience in on-premises and cloud-based HR solutions, currently holding the position of Vice President of HR Digital Solutions at JPMorgan Chase. Siddharth has extensive knowledge of various HR enterprise applications. He has been instrumental in the HCM digital transformation for multiple organizations, effectively defining, optimizing, and executing numerous HCM processes such as Recruitment, Onboarding, Core HR, Talent Management, Absence Management, Benefits, Payroll, and more. Siddharth specializes in automating, standardizing, and simplifying business processes throughout the hire-to-retire cycle.

What do achievements mean to you?

Achievements represent the tangible outcomes of perseverance, innovation, and teamwork. They are checkpoints validating our journey, motivating us to keep exploring, learning, and pushing boundaries. Achievements aren’t just about personal success; they reflect the collective effort of the teams I work with and our positive impact on others. They are benchmarks in my professional journey, reminding me how far I’ve come and guiding me toward future goals. More importantly, achievements symbolize progress, each signifying a step forward in my endeavor to revolutionize the HR technology landscape.

What excites you most about the work that you do?

The prospect of harnessing technology to transform the HR landscape excites me the most. In the intersection of digital innovation and human resources, I see immense potential to create solutions that not only streamline business processes but also empower individuals and foster an enriched organizational culture. The thrill of successfully implementing a strategy, the satisfaction when an intricate solution functions seamlessly, and the joy of witnessing a positive impact on an employee’s work-life journey – these moments fuel my passion. In essence, the opportunity to shape the future of work and create a tangible, far-reaching impact is truly exhilarating.

Do you have a mantra or motto that you live by?

My guiding mantra is “Innovate, Empower, Transform.” This motto encapsulates my professional ethos and personal belief system. “Innovate” is about relentlessly pushing boundaries to develop new solutions, “Empower” serves as a reminder to utilize these innovations to enable individuals and teams to enhance their capabilities and potential. Finally, “Transform” aims to drive meaningful, impactful changes within the HR landscape and beyond. This mantra guides my work in not only digital HR solutions and my broader perspective on life, encouraging me to continually learn, grow, and make a positive difference wherever I can.

What makes you yourself?

I am shaped by my relentless curiosity, a passion for innovation, and a deep-seated commitment to empowering others. These core elements drive my work in HR technology but also extend to all aspects of my life. My curiosity inspires me to constantly learn and explore new ideas, while my passion for innovation compels me to seek novel solutions to challenges. My commitment to empowerment underscores my belief in the potential of every individual, and it’s what motivates me to create systems that help people thrive. Together, these elements make me who I am professionally and personally.

First job

My career took root as a Software Engineer, working on the on-premises HCM application PeopleSoft. This role was instrumental in shaping my future trajectory. I navigated through intricate codes, algorithms, and systems, learning the ropes of software engineering and gaining valuable insights into Human Capital Management (HCM). The challenges I encountered fostered resilience and adaptability in me. More importantly, it ignited my interest in the nexus of HR and technology, inspiring me to envision how digital solutions could transform traditional HR practices. This role was a powerful launching pad that steered me toward my passion: revolutionizing the HR tech landscape.

Work philosophy

My work philosophy is simple: Stay curious, embrace innovation, and uplift others. I believe in constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to create transformative solutions. Collaboration is key to this process, where diverse perspectives can combine to solve problems. Above all, I believe in empowering individuals and teams to reach their full potential. It’s not just about using technology to enhance processes but also about driving a positive culture and enabling people to excel. This belief shapes my approach to work, inspiring me to bring about meaningful changes in the HR tech landscape.

Recent successes

Recently, I’ve achieved significant milestones in HR tech innovation. I rolled out an AI chatbot enhancing job application processes, resulting in 100K+ uses in 50 days. I spearheaded a digital transformation for a major business, improving hiring speed by 70%. I successfully implemented a Single Sign-On application for ~500K global employees, boosting data security and accessibility. Amid the pandemic, I ensured the safety of 80K security guards by digitizing document signing. I’ve automated and simplified complex IT systems, enhancing employee experience and work-life balance. Finally, I developed a framework facilitating over 6000+ teaching hours for 1000+ children.

What was your journey like to get where you are today

My journey to becoming a leader in HR tech has been a fusion of relentless learning, adaptation, and passion. Starting as a Software Engineer in PeopleSoft, I developed a deep understanding of HR applications and transformative potential of technology. As I navigated various roles, my interest evolved into a commitment to revolutionizing the HR landscape. I’ve steered digital transformations in major corporations, implemented complex tech solutions, and consistently advocated for innovation. I’ve also contributed to the broader HR community, gaining diverse perspectives. It’s been a challenging yet enriching journey filled with continual growth, and satisfaction of making a tangible impact.

How do you stay motivated

Staying motivated is a multi-faceted process for me. The thrill of creating innovative HR tech solutions and witnessing their transformative impact fuels my drive. I find inspiration in the potential to enhance the work-life experience for countless individuals and teams globally. Collaboration with diverse, talented teams and learning from their perspectives keeps me engaged. My motivation is further boosted by the challenges I encounter, as they present opportunities for growth and learning. Lastly, seeing the recognition of our collective efforts in the form of tangible results and awards serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of our work.

Goal yet to be achieved

An ambitious goal I’m yet to achieve revolves around harnessing the power of Virtual Reality (VR) to revolutionize HR processes. I envision using immersive experiences that redefine traditional methods:
1. Interactive job previews that give potential candidates a real feel of the role.
2. Virtual interviews and assessments enable geographically diverse hiring.
3. 360-degree virtual onboarding provides newcomers with a holistic office tour from their homes.
4. Immersive learning experiences enhance skills training and development.
This integration of VR into HR has the potential to augment employee engagement and experience significantly, and it’s a goal I’m excited to work towards.

Best decision

The best decision I made was to shift my focus from general software engineering to specializing in HR technology. This pivot, driven by my curiosity about intersection of technology and people management, led me to where I am today. I saw an opportunity to leverage technology to not only improve HR processes but also to make a significant impact on employee experiences. This decision enabled me to work on pioneering projects, contribute meaningfully to HR community, and lead digital transformations at a global scale. It’s been an enriching journey, affirming that it was indeed the best decision for my career.

Definition of leadership

Leadership is about envisioning a path toward progress and empowering others to journey alongside you. It is about inspiring teams through a shared vision and fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation. Effective leadership involves acknowledging the diversity of thought, valuing every contribution, and nurturing talent. It also necessitates leading by example, demonstrating resilience, integrity, and a commitment to continuous learning. Leadership is not about command and control but cultivating trust, fostering growth, and driving collective success. It’s the ability to turn visions into reality and to help others see their part in that transformation.

Best mentor

My best mentor has been my first manager as a Software Engineer. His understanding of people management matched his profound wisdom in software development. He emphasized the significance of teamwork, communication, and continuous learning, shaping my perspective on leadership. His approach to problem-solving, where he encouraged innovative thinking and valued each team member’s input, deeply influenced my work philosophy. More than a manager, he was a guide, fostering my curiosity, aiding my growth, and igniting my passion for HR tech. His mentorship has been instrumental in shaping my career, and his teachings continue to inspire me.

One word that best describes you

“Resilient” would be the word that best describes me. In my journey from a software engineer to a leader in HR technology, I have faced numerous challenges and roadblocks. Yet, my resilience has empowered me to persistently learn, adapt, and overcome. Whether it’s exploring unfamiliar technologies, managing complex projects, or leading diverse teams, my capacity to bounce back and forge ahead has been a constant. This resilience has facilitated my personal growth and allowed me to drive change and achieve success in my professional endeavors, truly defining my approach to life and work.

Question you want answered

One question that intrigues me is: How can immersive virtual reality experiences effectively transform various aspects of the employee journey, such as job previews, interviews, onboarding, and learning? I am fascinated by the potential of virtual reality to create engaging and realistic simulations that enable candidates and employees to experience job roles, facilitate interactive and immersive interviews and assessments, provide virtual onboarding programs with 360-degree office tours, and deliver immersive learning experiences. Exploring virtual reality’s possibilities, practical implementation strategies, and potential benefits could unlock new dimensions in talent acquisition, employee engagement, and learning and development.

How do you learn?

My approach to learning is a blend of curiosity, collaboration, and introspection. I delve into new knowledge by staying curious, always questioning, researching, and embracing the unknown. I actively seek diverse perspectives, learning immensely from collaboration with peers, mentors, and teams, understanding that everyone has something valuable to teach. Additionally, I deeply value experiential learning, gaining insights from hands-on problem-solving and on-the-ground experiences. Finally, I practice introspective knowledge by reflecting on my successes and failures and understanding the lessons they offer. This multi-faceted approach enables me to learn, adapt, and grow personally and professionally continually.

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