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Monday, September 18, 2023

Janet Andreeva Todorova

Head of Expansion | Founder Institute | Sofia City, Sofia, Bulgaria

“It was my pleasure to be a judge for the 10th Annual 2023 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards. I was thrilled to review numerous nominations from all over the world and I enjoyed learning about the mission and the achievements of various companies. The judging experience was truly inspiring and educational, and I would love to do it again next year.”

Janet is the Head of Expansion at the Founder Institute (FI), the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator operating chapters in 200+ cities in 90+ countries, with a global portfolio of 6500+ startups. She is also one of the Directors leading the FI accelerator program for Eastern Europe helping early-stage tech entrepreneurs from the region build global impact businesses. Throughout the past 8 years working with the FI accelerator in Berlin, Sofia and across Eastern Europe, Janet has closely worked with, mentored and advised 70+ startups on various topics such as idea validation, business models, product development, team and culture, pitching and fundraising. Janet is also involved in various initiatives in the tech and startup ecosystem such as DigitalK Conference, SHELeader Conference, Bulgarian Centre for Women in Technology (BCWT), The ChangeMakers of Bulgaria, ReactNotAConf, etc. She’s passionate about startup ecosystems and building bridges between entrepreneurs all over the world. She likes skiing, yogа, psychology and science shows and podcasts.