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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Matilda Kond

“I am a Database Developer & Analyst at the CYFS Research Center at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. I had the honor of participating as a judge for the 2023 Information Technology Awards. It was such a great treat learning about all the cool submissions from innovative tech enthusiasts and companies all around the world! The incredible wealth of talent and ingenuity on display reaffirmed my deep admiration for those pushing the boundaries of technology. The experience of being a judge for such a renowned platform only fueled my passion for fostering innovation and driving impactful change in the industry.”

Database Developer & Analyst | University of Nebraska | Lincoln, Nebraska, United States

With a wide range of leadership responsibilities, strong technical expertise, and a keen business acumen, I am a versatile professional who champions all stages of the development life cycle and maintenance of diverse database user interfaces. Drawing from my extensive experience, I effectively provide scalable solutions that generate valuable insights into organizational performance and are both end-user and stakeholder friendly.

In my current role as a Database Developer and Analyst at a research center for the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, I design, develop, and manage online SQL databases and maintain the quality of the data management systems for individual multi-million dollar funded research projects. This also entails advising researchers on the development and format of web-based survey instruments and providing consultation with stakeholders on database software solutions and data management processes. Furthermore, I have successfully optimized reporting systems, making notable contributions to the advancement of academia.

Previously, as a Data Analyst at Apple Inc., I made essential contributions in ensuring the integrity of data in the development and maintenance of an iPhone navigation app. 

I hold an MBA in Information Technology from Concordia University, Nebraska 

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