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Monday, September 18, 2023

Amrit Bhatia

“Being selected as a judge for Globee Awards was an absolute privilege. As a judge, I had the honor of evaluating the work of top companies and individuals from across the world who showcased innovative and intriguing concepts. The level of creativity and excellence that I encountered while evaluating the submissions left a lasting impression on me. Serving as a judge for these prestigious awards was a humbling experience that reinforced my belief in the transformative power of innovation and hard work”

Program Manager | Amazon Web Services (AWS) | Aurora, Illinois, United States

Amrit Bhatia is an experienced Program Manager with a focus on creating success stories and delivering business results. Her unique ability to lead and manage programs has enabled her to reach the platform she has today. She supported and led critical roles in companies including Amazon Web Services (AWS), HERE Technologies, ww.Grainger, GE-GENPACT, IBM.

Today, Amrit is a successful Program Manager at AWS with more than 18 years of experience. While building HERE Maps, she had previously supported BIG data, AI, robotics, and machine learning programs at HERE Technologies. Amrit supported the development of the digital platform for Grainger, which makes it more customer-focused. Prior to joining WW.Grainger, played a crucial role in GE-GENPACT building successful software and leading field engineers. Furthermore, she trained a number of teams and led Kaizen to remove waste during the process, which was both cost-effective and waste-free.