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Monday, September 18, 2023

Maximilian Valentin Elster

“As a judge for various categories, including the Golden Bridge Award, I had the pleasure of reviewing and scoring nominations from all around the world for Globee Awards. I was impressed with the outstanding quality of the nominations and enjoyed being part of the process. It was inspiring to see the fantastic initiatives that people have worked tirelessly to bring to fruition. I am humbled by their dedication and commitment to their projects.”

Co-Founder  | Unipie Inc. | Berlin, Germany

I’m Max. I have experience as an entrepreneur, product manager, and podcaster in the tech industry. As a second-time founder of a B2B SaaS pricing and packaging solution now, I’ve raised $2.7m from leading US investors and strive to build the next customer collaboration platform to help companies sell on value and increase prices. 

Before starting my current company, I worked as a product manager at a Series B software company in Zuerich and Berlin. This experience allowed me to develop my skills in product development and management, working closely with cross-functional teams across engineering and design.

In addition to my work as an entrepreneur and product manager, I’m also passionate about podcasting. I’ve recorded over 100 episodes and had the opportunity to interview some amazing guests, including Nir Eyal, the Blinkist Founder, and several founders of venture-backed companies. Through my podcast, I strive to share insights and inspiration to help others achieve their entrepreneurial and career goals.