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Monday, September 18, 2023

Aakash Sirohi

“Judging the CEO World Awards of the Globee Awards 2022 was incredibly inspiring. It gives me the opportunity to review submissions from around the world with very interesting concepts and visionary concepts. As someone with experience in the the job role and functions of a CEO, I must say that the submissions are very motivating and inspiring. I’m really glad to see how the applicants have contributed to the advancement of the field.”

COO and Co-founder | New Hope Health | Ashburn, Virginia, United States

With over 20 years’ experience in operations, strategy, project management, cyber security, and resource optimization. Strong organizational, communication, and critical thinking skills with rich experience in cyber security and software implementation Aakash is a dedicated people leader experienced in building and managing high-performing cross-functional teams, supervising delivery of high value projects without cost or time overruns.

I have navigated complex technical challenges and innovatively designed new approaches to problem-solving. I am adept at explaining basics at lower levels as well as conveying key issues to senior management. Successfully creating and leading diverse, cross-functional teams I have experience developing new procedures and frameworks, setting benchmarks, and delivering results. 

Just in the last few years, I have established a new entity in healthcare space from scratch and turned it into a well-oiled self-sustaining enterprise. 

I am extremely comfortable receiving and giving feedback and motivating people to maximize their contribution.