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Monday, September 18, 2023

Gorantla Sunil Tej

“I’m Gorantla Sunil Tej, founder of Gulpie. I was invited by Globee to judge their Cybersecurity – Information Technology World Awards 2023. It’s a fantastic experience to get an insight into such amazing companies building cutting edge products in the industry. It’s inspiring to see these companies that are truly world class and growing at an incredible scale in a remote first world.”

Founder and CEO | Gulpie | Singapore

Gorantla Sunil Tej is the founder of Gulpie, a decentralised food ecosystem to bring trust to restaurant reviews. At Gulpie, he’s building the world’s first tokenised social food discovery platform. With Gulpie, he created a recommendation engine using an ensemble of advanced machine learning algorithms to help diners with personalised food suggestions. He’s a product expert with a unique experience working at the intersection of food tech, AI and web3 on a mission to help creators monetise their content and restaurants fight manipulation of reviews. His work has been featured in Financial Express, Deccan Herald and Nasdaq.

Sunil worked in product tech roles for 11+ years with early stage product startups across Germany, UK, India & Nigeria. As the first product growth hire at HackerRank, India’s first YC company, he helped scale the product to the first 100k users. As a Product Owner at Global Savings Group, he lead the team that built Cuponation’s mobile web application. As a Sr Product Manager at Juniqe, Europe’s largest art ecommerce site, he managed multiple cross-functional teams that worked on 2 comprehensive web application redesigns and helped scale the product to €20m ARR. He’s also a contributor to the Bitcoin Magazine.