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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Nitish Gaddam

“I, Nitish Gaddam, a Data Scientist at Stitchfix, served as a judge for the 10th Annual 2023 Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Operations Awards, 15th Annual 2023 Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards, 3rd Annual 2023 Disruptor Awards, and 8th Annual 2023 American Best in Business Awards. I am grateful to Globee for this opportunity as it allowed me to gain knowledge about the current industry landscape and different technologies used worldwide. Reviewing and scoring the nominations enabled me to think strategically about industry aspects, noticing technological variations and implementation differences among companies and countries.”

Senior Data Scientist | Stitchfix | West Lebanon, New Hampshire, United States

Nitish is a Senior Data Scientist with over a decade of experience in building data-intensive applications and predictive models. He holds a Masters in Computer Science from Boston University, specializing in Experimental design and analysis. Nitish has a strong track record of mentoring various startups in the machine learning and data-science space while playing a key role in the design and development of their tech products and applications.

Throughout his career, Nitish has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in experimental design, predictive modeling, and data analysis. As a mentor, Nitish has helped numerous startups develop their data-science stack and successfully integrate it into their business operations. He is passionate about leveraging technology and data to help companies drive growth, streamline operations, and make more informed decisions.

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