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Monday, September 18, 2023

Lakshmikiran Nandula

“Thanks Globee Awards for the privilege and opportunity of Judging such a prestigious award ceremony. Loved the experience of reviewing the Technology innovations first hand for the Solutions developed from different corners of the globe. Overall process is pretty streamlined from assignments to guidance around the rubric, really helped me focus on important elements within each nomination.”

Senior Lead Software Engineer | Capital One | Dallas, Texas, United States

Lakshmikiran is a Senior Lead Software Engineer with an expertise of over 15 years in Software Application Development within the FinTech Domain. Architecting highly complex, scalable, resilient distributed microservices on public AWS Cloud. Implements the Best Standards and Practices to comply with complex financial regulatory requirements and Public cloud infrastructure. Provide technical leadership to the design, development, and implementation of targeted custom solutions by Software Engineers, through the informed use of modern technology.

Lakshmikiran recently completed a Master’s of Computer Science Degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from Georgia Institute of Technology and has a proven track record for leading and enabling technology, architecture and software engineering activities at an enterprise scale. Possess a keen attention to detail and a passion for Architecture, Software Engineering, Technology and Customer Experience.