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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Lina Jakučionienė

There is a great honor to serve as a judge for the CEO World Awards and Golden Bridge Awards. I am glad that my professional experience and knowledge in communication, marketing, business and academia have been useful. I found it remarkably interesting to observe how communication creates value for organizations, what solutions are applied in a pandemic situation to meet challenges, what is the role of the CEO in mobilizing staff and creating innovative solutions and benefits for all stakeholders while maintaining business success and generating excellent financial results. I am pleased to have found many submissions that have truly clear prospects for the future. They are gratifying because organizations are already effectively preparing for potential crises and have appropriate solutions to overcome them.

I wish all the participants of the CEO World Awards the best of luck and my sincere congratulations!

Comms Strategist – Speaker – Lecturer – Jury Member | Vilnius University – European Innovation Projects | Vilnius, Lithuania

Lina Jakučionienė counts more than 20 years of experience in the corporate communications field, as well as in marketing.

For 10 years Lina has been the Director of Corporate Communication at ERGO insurance group in the Baltic States. 2000-2007 she worked as the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Lithuania and later as the CEO of „European Innovation Projects“. Lina also has work experience in the German Parliament (Deutscher Bundestag) and the European Parliament.

Lina is the Ambassador of the European Association of Communication Directors for Lithuania. She is the Jury member of Digital Communication Awards in Berlin and Grand Jury member of New York Festivals Advertising Awards honouring the World’s Best Advertising since 1957. She has been the Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Communication Association. Lina is the Member of the Management Committee for the International Communication master’s degree Study Programmes of Vilnius university, since 2019 is the Lecturer and the Researcher at Vilnius university.