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Monday, September 18, 2023

Irina Kallaur

CEO and Founder | Kallaur Marketing | Moscow, Russia

My name is Irina Kallaur, founder of the TrafficMBA educational platform for marketers, member of Guild of Marketers and American Marketing Association. Participation as a judge in such a prestigious 2022 Women World Awards is an honor for me. Thanks for the trust and recognition of my professional level to be able to evaluate more than 100 amazing specialists in different fields. I am a woman in business myself and I know how difficult it is to achieve the goals, to defend my experience. Amazing projects, experiences and women!”

Irina Kallaur is a unique professional marketer with a 12+ years experience in launching advertising campaigns and online businesses all over the world. Member of Guild of Marketers and American Marketing association. Her extraordinary talent mentioned in press and confirmed by international masters of business and marketing.