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Monday, September 18, 2023

Shachi Shah

Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer | Anaplan, Inc. | San Francisco, California, United States

“I am Shachi Shah. I have worked as Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer at well recognized organizations such as Anaplan, Rakuten, etc. I have judged multiple Globee awards in 2023 such as Globee Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards, Globee IT World Awards, Globee Sales, Marketing, Customer Success Awards etc.. I have thoroughly enjoyed this judging opportunity as I have learned a lot about different global organizations and initiatives as well as extremely talented leaders who have been solving very complex problems and driving innovations and shaping future technology.”

Shachi Shah is a talented young professional who has build a successful career in the Information Technology Industry. She has a double Masters degree from San Jose State University, California, USA and Gujarat Technological University, Gujarat, India respectively. As a Sr. Software Quality Assurance Engineer, she has delivered large scale global impact programs impacting millions of customers at well known organizations of Silicon Valley such as Anaplan, Rakuten etc. As a Software test engineer with 5+ years experience working on complex software web applications, she is passionate about bringing quality in front of mind and embedded in work culture. She wants to achieve this by understanding the context, and the problems that are needed to be solved and embarking on a journey of small steps of constant iteration. She is self-motivated, energetic and highly ethical in solving complex issues and she thrives on dynamic and innovative work environment. She is passionate about growing and encouraging more women in tech field.