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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Preethika Sathyamangalam Kalyanasundaram

“I had the privilege to serve as a judge for the Disruptors Awards. It was an exhilarating experience to witness the remarkable creativity, innovation, and impact showcased by nominees from around the world. The process of reviewing and scoring these nominations left me spellbound, as I learned and appreciated the groundbreaking contributions each entry made to the industry. It was truly inspiring to witness the immense talent and dedication displayed by these disruptors, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of recognizing their remarkable achievements.”

Product Management, Senior Manager | Salesforce | Seattle, Washington, United States

Preethika is a seasoned product leader who has made her mark in the enterprise customer experience (CX) cloud solutions industry. Over a period spanning more than a decade, she has wielded her comprehensive knowledge of AI-based marketing and commerce cloud products to shape the technological landscape. Her extensive understanding and innovative thinking equip her to critically analyze digital innovations, considering their broader applications and far-reaching impact. She excels at identifying solutions that tackle real-world problems, while ensuring they resonate with users.

Preethika stands as a champion for inclusive product design, persistently prioritizing diversity within the technological sphere. This focus, complemented by her diverse professional background, industry experience, and technical expertise, underscore her commitment to fostering a more inclusive tech environment. Her illustrious career encompasses stints at industry giants Oracle and Salesforce. 

Preethika holds an MS in Computer Engineering with a Co-Major in Information Assurance from Iowa State University, underlining her substantial technical skills and information security expertise. With her unique blend of skills, experience, and passion, qualifies Preethika as an effective judge for various technology awards, a role she has fulfilled numerous times.

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