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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Owusu Akyaw Kwarteng

“I helped as a judge for over 110 nominations in the business excellence awards. Getting the opportunity to review and score the works of nominations from around the world was a great fulfilment and one in a lifetime experience. it is humbling to get deep into the hard work and high standards individuals and groups of people have set for themselves and try to achieve. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Specialist in Environment Health & Safety | VDF GH | Greater Accra Region, Ghana, Africa

Owusu has been in active employment for well over 15 years dominated by engineering projects management, teaching, facilitation and field work. He is interested in the management of Occupational Health and Safety at industrial work sites, specifically hazard identification and implementing control measures to avoid harm in any work environment. Owusu also like air pollution studies and have special interest in particulate matter inhalation and its relationship with cardiovascular diseases. For the past eight years his focus has however been on management of risk involving radio frequency electromagnetic field used in wireless technology. He is a regular participant of the International Conference of Environmental Science & Technology organized by American Academy of Sciences in Houston Texas.