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Monday, September 18, 2023

Arjun Sharma

“I am a supply chain Program Manager at Google. I have over 15 years of supply chain experience, spanning over prestigious organizations such as Indian Army, Apple, and Google. I judged the Disruptor Awards this year and found the experience thoroughly enriching. Thanks for the opportunity.”

Global Program Manager | Google | San Francisco, California, United States

With a diverse leadership background spanning both military and corporate sectors, I am an accomplished professional with extensive experience in strategic planning, supply chain management, and negotiations. My career has seen me excel in leadership roles, driving efficiency and cost savings while delivering exceptional results.

In my current role at Google as a Global Program Manager, I made significant contributions to the company’s cloud division. By implementing design and user experience improvements, I increased on-time capacity deployment by 200%, positively impacting numerous cloud customers with a significant annual budget. 

At Apple Inc., I served as a Global Supply Manager, overseeing the manufacturing design of iPhones and Macs. I led the ramp of new desktop products and managed multi-million-dollar budgets across vendors, achieving substantial cost savings. 

Before my corporate roles, I served in the Indian Army as a Major (Combat Team Leader and Operations Manager), where I led combat and logistics operations. My strategic planning expertise and implementation of ERP-based tools resulted in improved supply chain performance and enhanced operational efficiency.

I hold an MBA degree in Strategy and Supply Chain from Washington University in St. Louis. Additionally, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the National Defense Academy, India.