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Monday, September 18, 2023

Shobhit Mittal

“I, Shobhit Mittal, from Dell, have had the opportunity to judge prestigious Globee’s award that allowed me to review and score outstanding entries and witness incredible talent and innovation worldwide. It was inspiring to see the dedication of individuals making a positive impact on the world. Judging has been exhilarating, exposing me to creativity, problem-solving, and innovative ideas. It’s intellectually stimulating, and I feel privileged to contribute to the growth and development of emerging businesses by providing feedback and shaping their future.”

Sr. Manager, Finance & Business Operations | Dell | Round Rock, Texas, United States

Shobhit Mittal is a seasoned Finance and Business Operations leader with over a decade of experience. Shobhit’s expertise in budget management – managing multimillion dollar portfolio, strategic planning, business operations, financial analysis, cross- functional collaboration and program management are key pillars of his stellar professional career.