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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Milind Malthankar

“I like the process of judging and gives insight perspective of innovation happening.”

“I have participated in “Golden Bridge Awards” and it gives me insights about new innovations happening. It is really good process.”

Senior Software Engineer | Covetrus Inc. | Prosper, Texas, United States

As a seasoned IT profession having more than 22 years of experience, 
I have worked in various industry domain including Animal Health Care, Human Capital Management, 
Agriculture, banking and investment banking etc. 
I have worked as an Architect, Technical Lead, Scrum Master and Product Owner, successfully delivering multiple critical Client and Web based products. Throughout my career I have acquired hands on experience in numerous phases of SDLC including Planning, Requirements gathering, Design & Analysis, Coding, Testing and Maintenance. I also have extensive experience in Distributed system, Micro Service Architecture and Cloud Technologies. With more than 8 years of leadership experience, I have delivered multiple quality products with team sizes of 8 to 10 team members. 

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