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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Andrey Maksimchenko

“As a judge, I’ve had a highly positive experience reviewing and evaluating the most innovative technologies and advanced solutions in the world. It’s been an extremely enjoyable and fulfilling challenge. I’ve seen so many incredible innovations that have the potential to revolutionize the way we live and work. Who knows what amazing breakthroughs we will see next?”

Engineering Manager | Lead Software Developer | Oxagile LLC | Minsk, Belarus

I’m a T-Shape Engineering Manager, Lead Software Developer, and IT Mentor with 10+ years of versatile technical experience. I’m a highly-motivated, passionate, stressless, result-oriented, reflective, and well-organized person.

I have profound expertise in Javascript, Angular / React, NodeJS, and Databases. I do have the heart for Web Development and Management, but I also worked a lot on the creation of Hybrid Mobile & Smart TV apps, DevOps, Delivery & Resource Management, System Design, and Interviewing. 

I’ve been a judge / jury on various IT-events (hackathons, awards, conferences) and consultant to many IT companies providing audits on Code Quality, Performance, Web System Design and more, and helping them hire and build highly effective teams. I’m also a part of various international associations and guilds like Major Hacking League, DevPost, WomenGoTech, MentorService and others and have a huge mentoring background.

Throughout my entire career I’ve elaborated my own methods on software development, code audit, interviewing & hiring, time & task management, code review, and mentorship.

I’ll be glad to convey my fighting spirit, passion and energy, bring new fresh ideas on various challenges and share my invaluable life and professional experience!