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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Sudhansu Sekhar Behera

“With respect to cyber security, I have associated myself with SecOps and acquainted with latest methodologies adopted by Azure and AWS Cloud including RBAC, Service Principals and Certificate renewals along with key rotations. I have judged Cyber Security Global Excellence Award entries in Globee and I enjoy reading the candidature and their achievements. While judging I also came across interesting concepts, learned innovative ideas and appreciate the way they were ideated. I also judge entries such as Media, Innovations, media etc.”

Enterprise Architect and Program Manager | Tata Consultancy Services | Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States

I am an Information Technology professional with 25 years of experience catering software services in various domains such as Pharmaceutical, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Logistics and Tele Communications. 

I have worked across various countries such as India, United Kingdom, USA and European nations interacting wide range of stakeholders including Business users, Product Architects, Legal heads, Chief Technology Officers, Architects.

My technological forte includes various software tools and Products such as SAP, Java, Python, Unix scripts various software cycles.

Employed by Tata Consultancy Services, I got the opportunity to work for several clients. Currently I work for Walgreens Boots Alliance Client.