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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Akanksha Pathak

“My name is Akanksha Pathak and I am a senior cyber security consultant working at Visa Inc. I helped to judge Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards. It has been very exciting to use my expertise to judge extremely talented people and their work. It has been an inspirational journey and I would love to contribute to cybersecurity field in any way possible.”

“Information technology is an enabler of innovation and a driver of business transformation. Security on the other hand is not a product, but a process. It’s more than designing strong algorithms and secure systems; it’s about building a culture of security that permeates every aspect of an organization. As such, ensuring the security of information technology is not only a matter of protecting data and systems, but also a critical component of business continuity and success.”

Senior Cyber Security Analyst-Consultant | Visa Inc. | Austin, Texas, United States

Akanksha Pathak is a Cybersecurity Consultant specializing in Cloud Security, Application Security, Threat Analysis & Response, Vulnerability Management, and Product Security. As a senior member of the corporate governance team, she oversees the third-party cybersecurity practice. Her expertise lies in managing supplier relationships while also architecting and analyzing application designs. Additionally, she is an active participant in many cybersecurity communities, such as the GIAC Advisory Board meeting. Working in a challenging environment has helped her to gain a critical thinking approach with an entrepreneurial mindset, keeping IT security a crucial criterion.

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