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Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

Chitra Sabapathy Ranganathan

“Reviewing and scoring nominations from all over the world was an enriching experience. It provided a unique opportunity to learn about diverse individuals and their accomplishments from different parts of the globe. It was fulfilling to assess their contributions and recognize their achievements through the review process. While it required careful attention and thorough evaluation, the task rewarding as it allowed me to contribute to the recognition and celebration of outstanding individuals worldwide.”

Associate Vice President | Mphasis Corporation | Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Results-oriented, accomplished business technology leader with 23+ years of experience in software engineering and design. Proven track record of conceptualizing, architecting, and delivering reliable and scalable systems in a variety of areas comprising multi-technologies including Mainframe, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Big Data, AI, ML, Advance Analytics, and Blockchain. Managed complex engagements across multiple verticals. Manage sales, IT Delivery and Operations, established vision, strategy, and journey maps that align with business priorities.

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