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Monday, September 18, 2023

Krishnakumar Sivagnanam

“As a judge for the esteemed Globee Information Technology Awards, I am privileged to witness the remarkable and excellent innovations that shape our world. Evaluating and acknowledging the outstanding achievements of IT professionals and organizations is a true honor. Their ingenious ideas drive positive change, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This role inspires me with the transformative power of technology as it revolutionizes industries and enhances lives. Contributing to this prestigious platform allows me to celebrate excellence in the IT industry, fostering innovation and excellence. Let’s celebrate the visionaries and trailblazers shaping the future through their ingenious contributions.”

Solution Architect | Tech Mahindra | Arlington, Virginia, United States

Krishnakumar Sivagnanam is a seasoned Solution Architect with over 22 years of expertise in the IT industry, specializing in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing domains. Throughout his career, he has held leadership positions in renowned IT consulting firms, leading the development of innovative solutions, and spearheading major initiatives in application modernization and automation.

With a profound understanding of the industry, Krishnakumar has successfully served many Fortune 500 clients, delivering innovative solutions. His passion lies in harnessing disruptive cloud and ERP technologies, particularly in the Manufacturing and Supply Chain domains, to create robust and efficient systems.

Leveraging his proficiency in Microsoft Azure Cloud, Krishnakumar has facilitated seamless cloud migrations for organizations, resulting in improved scalability, efficiency, stability, and security.

Krishnakumar has showcased expertise in Oracle Apps and GRC, enabling the development of powerful systems with automation capabilities and effective tracking mechanisms. He has increased productivity through efficiency optimizations, and improved performance by effectively managing databases and software ecosystems.

With his analytical approach and keen understanding of business strategies and market trends, Krishnakumar delivers tailored solutions that earn stakeholder buy-in and drive organizational growth. His expertise, leadership, and unwavering dedication have established him as a highly respected professional in the IT industry.