2023 Cyber Security Judge

Shankar Narayanan Viswanathan

“It was an engaging, insightful and challenging experience as a Judge to review the applications in various categories especially in Cyber Security Space. Applicants did a phenomenal job in highlighting their business & values thereby making it a stiff competition. Glad my expertise in the Cybersecurity and Leadership space helped me do a fair assessment and I shared written feedback to every applicant.”

Director, Head of Cloud Security | Credit Karma | Milpitas, California, United States

Shankar Narayanan Viswanathan, is a seasoned Cybersecurity leader with over 15 years of experience in the Cyber Security space . Currently he is serving as the Director, Head of Cloud Security at Credit Karma, responsible for leading the critical Cloud and Infrastructure security function, which protects sensitive PII data of over 100 million US citizens and caters to their financial well being. Previously Shankar, served as the Director of Cybersecurity at Visa Inc, responsible for and successfully operated the Platform and Infrastructure security function which helps secure the Visa Payment Platform that supports 255+ Billion Annual transactions world wide. He has also played various Security Engineering roles before on Product, Consulting and Non Profit Organizations. He is an active member in the Cybersecurity startup Community in Bay Area and is an advisory for a handful of early stage startups in Cloud Security, Crypto and IAM space. He holds a Masters in Information Security from Carnegie Mellon University. Shankar’s work and research has resulted in few International Patents, Publications and Trade Secrets in the realm of Cybersecurity and Technology.