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Monday, September 18, 2023

Dr. Sai Kiranmayee Samudrala

Thank you to Globee Awards for presenting me with an opportunity to judge some of the most innovative products, companies, and the people in the Information Technology space. As a research scientist and industry subject matter expert, I am always amazed by the brilliance of ideas there is in this space and thoroughly enjoyed evaluating the merits of these award submissions.

Data Scientist | Delta Air Lines Inc. | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Dr. Sai Kiranmayee Samudrala is an applied data scientist with 14 years of experience in building advanced AI models spanning across academia and industry. She has published her work at reputed journals and conferences. Her contributions to airline industry are remarkable too. While the revenue models that she developed help deliver the answers of availability to customer flight booking searches, her marketing models identify target customers for a marketing campaign while optimizing engagement rates.