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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Priyal Borole

“It is an absolute privilege to be able to judge world’s premier Globee Awards. The experience was unique, fulfilling and insightful of evaluating top innovators, leaders and companies bringing industry focused advanced technical solutions in Information Technology, Marketing and Security. It was great honor to be able to review amazing contribution from technologists across the world shaping the future.”

Marketing Technology Leader – Director – VP | OneMain Financial | Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Priyal is a thought leader and strategic driven technologist shaping technologies that deliver Omni-channel communications and Marketing automation. His technical expertise and business consulting has been recognized for driving targeted marketing and compliant servicing customers communications across different continents spanning North America, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

With his expertise of being leader in the information technology driving communications industry Priyal has been leading technology transformations across distinguished organizations enabling business to empower and assist their customers specifically in financial wellbeing while going through pandemic. He has been very instrumental in activating numerous complex use cases with product development, architecture, software development ensuring compliance, cyber security, auditing, and honoring customer preferences. He is also part of sought-after panel to talk about driving customer experiences with marketing technologies stack and how different levels of organizations can leverage to derive successful results.