2020 Leadership Awards Judge

Dr. Ambika Hanchate

“My name is Ambika Hanchate from Karnataka ,India. Being the executive director of JMF front line I am glad to be a part of the judging of the disruptor award. From the past of many years I contributed my work time to effectively assigning for the different categories nominees for their achievements as I have seen in pre covid and during covid how these organizations and companies driving the situations by took the innovative methods ,what kind of steps are using to be sustain in the global marketing line etc I have learned from these entrant profile ,even many things are their to teach us that how to overcome the issues in any kinds situation will be come in future ,never give up! Anyway I really happy to be part here being judge I gave my scores well as per the entrants efforts .Anyhow overall to look of every entrants are amaze .I just convey my many wishes & congratulate everyone.”

Founder President | Jana Mana Foundation | Haveri, Karnataka, India

Dr Ambika Hanchate is from Haveri, Karnataka. She has good name and fame in the nation of India due to her education /literature /well set records achievements in over all the categories. Highlighted note is no one broke her record in the national either world since 2014. According to her wish she started own kanetkaa caliber book of record under Jana Mana Foundation which was register under Karnataka government. And created history in state by made of this. Also her biography was set in Beat citizen of India institution and Bharat Gourav Puraskar. Become small place she made big achievements and playing well role in the society, and in the future she will make legendary lesson in the world from her skills.