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Monday, September 18, 2023

Neeraj Vaghela

“It was an absolute pleasure for Neeraj Vaghela from Apple Inc. to serve as a judge for the 2023 Golden Bridge Globee Awards in Technology, Innovation & Business. It was an enriching experience that allowed me to delve into a multitude of cutting-edge projects/pioneering ideas in Telecommunications & other fields. The caliber of the entries were truly remarkable, showcasing the incredible talent and vision that exists in the global landscape of technology advancements and business. It was an honor to judge such a prestigious event and witness the remarkable achievements of the nominees. Thank you Globee Awards for the invite.”

Lead Wireless Systems Engineer | Apple Inc. | Cupertino, California, United States

Neeraj Vaghela is an experienced Wireless Systems Engineering Lead at Apple Inc with strong focus in research, development & validation of wireless cellular features across consumer electronic products. He brings more than 10 years of industry expertise in Telecommunications & Wireless/RF Engineering working at Apple Inc., Sprint Corp. & Corning Mobile in shipping quality products from prototype to launch & services to achieve best customer experience. Neeraj’s journey in the telecommunications sector began with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering from University of Mumbai, India. He holds a Masters degree in Telecommunications from University of Maryland, College Park. Neeraj has made significant contributions to the advancement of wireless communication technologies & has authored multiple patents. He also keeps a keen eye on emerging technologies and trends, ensuring that he stays at the forefront of the rapidly evolving telecommunications landscape. In addition to his technical prowess, he possesses excellent leadership skills, allowing him to effectively manage cross-functional teams and drive projects to successful completion. His sheer passion for new product innovations & technology advancements made him a strong candidate to serve as a judge for the 2023 Annual Golden Bridge Globee Awards in Technology, Innovation & Business.