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Monday, September 18, 2023

Deepanjan Kundu

“It is an honor to have been asked to judge the 18th Annual 2023 Information Technology World Awards. It offered me the chance to assess the work of eminent organizations and people from all around the world who have innovative and fascinating ideas. It gave me a fantastic opportunity to offer in-depth evaluations and perform extensive evaluations of a number of technologies and programs such as AI/ML and cyber security.”

Senior Software Engineer, Machine Learning | Meta Platforms | Palo Alto, California, United States

Technical lead at Meta Platforms LLC working on Facebook Integrity ranking ML on problems concerning personalization and ranking.

Total 7 years of experience in working for ML at big tech companies such as Google, YouTube and Meta. Prior to Meta, a technical lead at YouTube working on ML problems for YouTube Live Chat and Comments, leveraging large language models such as BERT and working on problems such as internationalization and fairness. Also built ML models for a product called Neighbourly, a next billion users product by Google. ML models were used for content relevance, content quality and notifications quality.