2023 Cyber Security Judge

Pradeep Kumar Dhoopati

“Being a leading authority in my field, I had an incredibly rewarding experience judging the Globee Awards 2023. The quality of the entries, the innovative ideas, and the overall diversity of submissions were all truly stimulating and enjoyable. The entries came from all over the world, showcasing a truly global perspective. I had the privilege of reviewing and scoring several nominations in various award categories. As a subject matter expert in enterprise application integration, I can confidently say that the submissions were of the highest caliber, and I felt honored to participate as a judge at the Globee Awards 2023.”

Software Engineer (Enterprise Application Integration) | FedEx | Memphis, Tennessee, United States 

Pradeep Kumar Dhoopati is a seasoned expert in enterprise application integration, with a wealth of experience in helping organizations achieve business excellence while maintaining the cyber security of their systems. With a deep understanding of disruptive and innovative information technology solutions, Pradeep brings a unique set of skills to the table. He ensures the integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data and services and helps streamline their operations by seamlessly and securely integrating their systems. Pradeep is currently working as a Software Engineer (Enterprise Application Integration) at FedEx and has previously held positions at some of the world’s leading multinational corporations such as HCL, TCS, Capgemini, IBM, and Wipro. He is an industry certified professional in the field, with a demonstrated ability to provide leadership and initiative in coordinating the design, development, troubleshooting, and debugging of complex software programs for enhancements and new products. His extensive and well-established experience in the field make him an invaluable asset to any organization, and his current role at FedEx is a testament to his expertise in enterprise application integration. As an acclaimed industry expert, Pradeep Kumar Dhoopati has been invited to serve as a judge at the Globee Awards.