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Monday, September 18, 2023

Ujjwal Datt Sharma

As a judge for the Cyber Security World Awards 2023, I felt motivated to review all the nominations from all around the world. Each participant tried to solve various industry problems in a creative and efficient method. It was inspiring to judge these prestigious organizations who have achieved successful results from concept to productization stage.”

Engineer | cPacket Networks Inc. | Milpitas, California, United States

Ujjwal Datt Sharma is a talented engineer who has worked in various industries. He is passionate about Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Digital Transformation and AIOps. He has worked for organizations in the United States and provided technical support to Asia. He has worked with different cultures, company sizes, and experience levels. Currently he is based in Silicon Valley and has worked in Hybrid-Cloud Observability, High Speed Computer Design that brings an innovative and efficient solution to optimize the network. He has worked in cross-functional teams that thrives on innovative ideas. He has a Masters Degree from University of New Haven.