2023 Cyber Security Judge

Venkat Ramanan Viswanathan

“As a judge for the Globee Cybersecurity Awards, I was impressed by the caliber of entries and the dedication of the companies and individuals in advancing the field of cybersecurity. It was an honor to be a part of recognizing and celebrating their achievements.”

Group Product Manager | Okta | San Francisco, California, United States

With years of experience in building cloud security products for enterprises, Venkat Ramanan Viswanathan is a devoted technology professional. Presently, he is a Group Product Manager at Okta, where he leads the federated access management and authorization product. Venkat is committed to Okta’s goal of providing secure technology access to individuals from around the globe, facilitated by their identities, to more than 17,000 customers. Before his time at Okta, Venkat held positions at Cloudflare, Cisco, and PwC, leading product and software development to create cloud security and identity products.