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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Gaurav Shekhar

I had the privilege of serving as a judge for the Business Excellence Awards. It was an incredible experience reviewing and scoring nominations from all over the world. Witnessing the exceptional achievements and innovations showcased by organizations was truly inspiring.

Senior Group Application Manager | U.S.Bank | Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

With over a 16+ years in the software realm, I’ve honed a passion for melding the art of Managing/Architecting and coding with the precision of cloud technologies, data science, and machine learning. I’m not just an Architect or Engineer; I’m a strategist who bridges the gap between complex technical processes and tangible business outcomes.

Throughout my journey, I’ve steered multifaceted projects from ideation to fruition, consistently exceeding both timelines and expectations. My penchant for innovation is evident in the architectures I’ve envisioned and the culture of standardization and automation I’ve championed. I have skilled in directing technical projects from start to end, preparing and executing strategic plans and control structures for projects, and ensuring successful completion within time. I have been recognized for innovative solutions, architecture vision, and inner-sourcing open-source culture of standardization and automation. 

Navigating the entire lifecycle of software development, from requirement analysis to maintenance, is second nature to me. No industry is foreign, and no challenge is too daunting. My track record boasts impeccable system architecture, design, and a relentless commitment to client satisfaction.

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