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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Amit Bhanushali

In my role as a judge for the esteemed Globee Information Technology Awards, I have the privilege of observing extraordinary innovations that are molding our world. Recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of IT professionals and organizations is a distinct honor. Their ingenious concepts propel positive transformation, expanding the limits of what can be achieved. This responsibility illuminates the potential of technology to revolutionize industries and improve lives. Engaging with this distinguished platform enables me to honor IT excellence, nurturing innovation. Let’s come together to celebrate the forward-thinkers and trailblazers who are shaping our future through their ingenious contributions.

Manager, Software Quality Assurance | West Virginia University | Morgantown, West Virginia, United States

Amit Bhanushali is an accomplished and seasoned Technical Manager with a remarkable track record spanning over 22 years in the IT industry. His expertise is particularly honed in the BFSI and Higher Education domains. Throughout his extensive career journey, Amit has consistently demonstrated excellence across all facets of the SDLC life cycle. His proficiency encompasses a wide spectrum, ranging from Automation Testing and Performance Testing, including the implementation of cutting-edge DevOps, CI/CD processes, to adeptly navigating the complexities of Cloud technology.

Holding a master’s degree in Business Data Analytics from West Virginia University, Amit’s academic prowess complements his hands-on experience. His professional engagements have encompassed collaborations with Fortune 500 companies, attesting to his industry prowess and the caliber of his contributions.

Adept in managing complex and globally distributed projects, he have successfully led end-to-end programs involving multiple stakeholders and multi-year assignments. He has diverse technical background and is known for my problem-solving skills and innovative project management approaches. Also proficient in managing teams globally and excels in delivery and client relationship management.

Amit’s research-driven background and coaching commitment foster career growth. As Agile Coach and Senior Scrum Master, he excels in molding high-performing teams with meticulous attention and empathetic leadership.

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