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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Royston Monteiro

“I had the privilege to judge the 2023 Globee Information Technology Awards, which was an amazing experience, reviewing a vast breadth and depth of IT work across the globe. It was enlightening to see the level of innovation and advancement of the field, from some of the best businesses in the world.”

Staff Software Engineer | Facebook – Meta | Menlo Park, California, United States

Royston is an Engineering Leader at Facebook, where he has led teams to build and scale one of the products of the decade, Stories. Having worked on some of the most complex problems in terms of breadth and depth(most of which have been widely covered in the media), he has worn many hats and continually exceeded and grown into an established leader. Most recently, he led the backend team to launch Candid stories in record time. As part of being a Staff Software engineer, he has identified ambiguous problems and led teams to solve them. Previously, he has worked on the teams that build and improve some of the most critical risk management systems at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, including Capital Requirements, Stress Tests, Counterparty Risk, among others – these projects resulted in world class risk management systems that have stood the test of time – these were especially critical to the economy in the aftermath of the Global Financial crisis and its follow-up regulations. He also started his career in the IT services industry, which was useful to get an insight into that industry, which gives him context into many of the categories that the awards covers.