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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Abhishek Sinha

I Abhishek Sinha working with Accenture LLP judged in 2022 IT World Awards and 2022 Disruptor Awards. 

Judging was a humbling experience and a total revelation to see so many great ideas being transformed to a final product or a service offering. The entire experience gave me clues into the real business problems and current trends that the Entrepreneurs are addressing around the world. Globee Business awards platform gives well rounded opportunities for start-ups to showcase their differentiated offerings and get valuable feedback in an interconnected ecosystem. 

The start-up’s truly demonstrate the “Habit loop of Cue, Routine & Rewards”. 

Business & Integration Arch Manager | Accenture LLP | New York City Metropolitan Area, New York, United States

Seasoned SAP Digital Transformation & Integration Expert & thought leader, offering 16+ years of solving complex business problems across Automobiles, High Tech, Consumer Goods & Durables & Life Sciences Industry.Helping Fortune 500 Clients across various Geographies & Industries embark on digital transformation journey with deep skills & focus tailored especially towards Life Sciences Industry. Abhishek has established himself as Subject Matter Expert offering digital solutions to Life Sciences Industry which ensure global affordability and access while balancing pricing, policy change, Reimbursement and profit expectations . He has strong understanding of Digital supply chain model as well as System Integration capabilities. Abhishek is also successfully playing the role of a business coach/pitch coach for underrepresented Entrepreneurs by helping them in various stages & aspects of their business thereby enabling them reach their desired milestones.