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Monday, September 18, 2023

Abhinav Mishra

“It is an absolute honor to judge the Annual 2023 Information Technology World Awards. This was an opportunity to learn about amazing and important companies that are driving the change to make future a better place. I look forward to more such opportunities in future where I can contribute as a judge and help companies achieve the recognition they deserve.”

Senior Product Manager | Amazon | Seattle, Washington, United States

As a Product Leader for Amazon, Abhinav works on bolstering Amazon’s obsession with customers. He works on products that helps thousands of vendors and vendor managers to attain efficiency and productivity. Prior to that, he worked with a unicorn startup Leap Finance, where he advised the CEO and senior leadership on customer acquisition strategy and helped building a more equitable product. He is an experienced leader working with startups and the largest company on the planet. As an advocate of technology, diversity and equity Abhinav’s likes to spend his time talking and learning about entrepreneurship, product management and inclusivity.