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Monday, September 18, 2023

Haitham Ahmed

“I am so happy to Join Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards as Judge. My congratulation to all winners in 2021.”

Manager-Lecturer | Freelance | Cairo, Egypt

Haitham is Public Speaker, Journalist, Awards Judge, Career Coach, Executive Coach, Time Management Coach, NLP Trainer, Holistic Marketer, and Human Resources Consultant. In addition, Haitham got a Bachelor of Bio-Chemistry from Ain Shams University in Egypt, M.I.B. (Master of International Business) from the University of Vaasa in Finland. He got more than 100 diplomas and specializations certificates from global universities and institutes such IBM, PWC, Michigan State University , University Of California, Irvina, University of Alberta , Arizona State University, University Of Colorado Boulder via Coursera, Northwest Community College Initiative (NWCCI-USA), American Management Association (AMA), Institute Of Leadership and Management (ILM) The UK, Alison (Ireland) and Edu Power Nodric Institute (Finland) and others.