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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Narasimha Rao Konangi

“Being a judge for Globee awards, is an incredible honor and an amazing opportunity. Through the judging experience across the different awards such as IT and American Business awards, gave me a sense of “did some thing valuable for the community”. Also, I was able to review, learn about some impeccable work being done across the world. It was impressive to such a quality nominations to these awards.”

Senior Manager, Software Engineering | Capital One | Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Results-Oriented Technology leader with 20 years of experience in leading very complex, large enterprise solutions implementations and operations. Experienced in implementation of mission critical Inventory, Orders and customer data event handling for one of the largest Retailer in USA. Implemented Enterprise shared services and Data platforms using complex architectural patterns, building REST APIs, Microservices, event streams, and high throughput systems in Google Cloud Platforms and AWS. Had an extensive experience in building ETL data pipelines and streaming pipelines in google cloud platform. Deep technical expert that helps accelerate the adoption of the very best engineering practices while maintaining knowledge on industry innovations, trends, and practices. Lead Enterprise Architecture Review Board for Macys. Drive the massive cloud migration journeys like Enterprise Data warehouse and Customer data Platforms. Manages and encourages the teams of young talents on the innovation, implementation of cutting-edge technologies, inclusion, outside-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, self-organization, and diversity. Able to effectively communicate with and influence key stakeholders across the domain. Always stay on top to promote a culture of engineering excellence and operational excellence. Built and Lead very strong, diverse large remote engineering teams across various geo-locations, with very well balanced diversity and skills.